Hospitalized? 5 Things to Tell Your Doctor ASAP!


While no one wants to end up in the hospital, especially with a chronic or serious illness, the fact is that thousands of people are unexpectedly hospitalized in the United States each year.

Here are 5 important things to tell your doctor immediately:

  1.  Take the IV off of me!  Did you know that many IVs use sugar, primarily in the form of dextrose?  Not only does dextrose potentially fuel rogue cells, it is also made out of corn which is almost exclusively GMO these days.  Current belief is that GMO foods wreak havoc on gut functioning resulting in a plethora of gut-related problems.
  2. Give me Vitamin C! Vitamin C has decades of research supporting its efficacy.  From boosting the immune system to causing rogue cells to implode (aka apoptosis), Vitamin C has virtually no side effects and can be taken orally or intravenously. Just be sure that the vitamin C is non-GMO Ascorbic Acid, is a high quality lysosomal form, or if it is intravenously administered, be sure to know what the other ingredients in the IV solution are.
  3. I am not eating hospital food! Most hospitals have terrible food –  Not only is the food terrible tasting, it is also likely to be full of processed sugars, preservatives, and other additives such as food coloring.  If your hospital cannot provide you with organic foods and hormone-free meats, go elsewhere or have your friends and family bring food to you.  One quick solution can be keeping a masticating juicer in your room and asking friends and family to bring organic fruits and vegetables to your hospital room (instead of flowers).  You will all enjoy juicing and sharing good nutrition together (and you will be the talk of the hospital).
  4. I can’t breathe!  Yes, that’s right, most hospital windows don’t open and most hospital don’t make it a habit of getting patients out in the fresh air.  If going outside everyday, several times, is not an option, bring a good quality air purifier with you.  Hospital air smells bad for a reason; because it is bad!
  5. What else are you feeding me?  If you are placed on a feeding tube, request an organic, plant-based formal such as Liquid Hope made by Functional Formularies or a formula free of common allergens, dairy, and corn such as made by Kate Farms.

If your doctor is unwilling to discuss these 5 issues with you, doctor shop. Yes, that’s right, doctor shop. Doctor shopping usually has a negative connotation; not in this context.



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