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What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is the condition which your hair is reduced that result in the quick appearance of circular pads with thinning hair.

There are countless of people around the world who are affected by this issue; however, it is often neglected due to the misperception as simple balding areas. [Read more: Home Remedies for Hair Loss].

What cause Alopecia?

This problem can be triggered by various factors such as aging, stress, smoking excessively, imbalance of hormones, genetic problems, infections on the head, using products for hair which contain excessive chemicals, some particular medication such as thyroid problem, polycystic ovary symptoms, autoimmune diseases, anemia with deficiency of iron or some chronic diseases as well as environmental effects.

Alopecia is usually the result of the works from hormones and genetics which we cannot control. If there is excessive seborrheic dermatitis, you might incur spotty loss of hair. Also if there is excessive dandruff, it will also make you lose your hair as well as become balding.

What are the symptoms of Alopecia?

In case you are suffering from alopecia, there are several common symptoms that you might incur.

Losing hair excessively

Abnormal hair loss which occurs on one specific area of your head in a short period of time

Easy to unplug the healthy hair on the area surrounding the balding spots

The nails become uglier

The root of the hair becomes smaller which make the hair have the shape of exclamation point

Baldness is most obvious symptom.

Here are the top 10 most recommended home remedies for alopecia which you can start applying as soon as possible in order to stop the spreading of this condition as well as restore your hair.

1. Coconut Milk

The first and most recommended ingredient from the home remedies for alopecia is coconut milk. It can help you improve the hair follicles and enhance the health of head skin, thus stimulate quick restoration of hair.

You just need to put some coconut milk which is mixed with some flour directly onto the head.

2. Hibiscus

This flower is an extremely effective ingredient among the home remedies for alopecia as it can significantly improve the healthiness of hair as well as stimulate the revival of hair follicles.

You just need to blend some flower petals of hibiscus with some oil from dandelion and then apply onto your head.

3. Onion

With the sulfur content, onion is one of the simplest and easiest-to-used ingredient within the home remedies for alopecia because it can improve circulation greatly. Moreover, the germ-killing effect from onion can eliminate germs and bacteria on scalp which can trigger infection as well as loss of hair.

You can use the onion skin to rub onto the scalp areas which are losing hair.

4. Beetroot

Containing protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and vitamins such as B and C, beetroot is a beneficial ingredient from the home remedies for alopecia that you can use to increase the healthiness of hair.

You just need to include beetroot into your daily diet.

Also you can mash some boiled leaves of beetroot together with some henna and then put it onto the head. After about 15 minutes, cleanse off. Practice couples of time per week.

5. Lavender

This essential oil is one of the best among the home remedies for alopecia as it not only can decelerate the process of losing hair but also can even reverse that process.

However, you need to dilute it using some other oils such coconut or almond oil before applying.

Besides lavender oil, you can also opt for the essential oil from rosemary, sage and peppermint in order to stimulate circulation as well as hair follicles.

6. Flaxseed

With abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is a good consideration among the home remedies for alopecia as it can improve the protection against the loss of hair as well as stimulate the development of hair.

You just need to ingest a tbsp of fresh flaxseeds into some water early in the morning every day. Also you can include flaxseeds into the daily dishes such as soups, shakes or salads.

You might as well put some flaxseed oil onto the hair for better effect.

7. Licorice Root

With calming and mollifying effects, licorice root is the herb you cannot ignore from the home remedies for alopecia. It can effectively improve the absorption of nutrition through skin pores into your scalp, thus prevent such problems as dead or dry hair. Even split ends, dandruff and hair loss are no longer the concerns with the use of licorice root.

8. Garlic

If you are looking for a simple kitchen ingredient which is still effective among the home remedies for alopecia, then garlic is your perfect solution. All you need to do is mashing 2 – 3 cloves of garlic and then put them onto the scalp. Also you can mix those mashed garlic with some warm oil from either sesame or coconut before applying onto the scalp. After about 10 minutes, wash it off or take a shower.

9. Amla

Rich of vitamin C, amla is an extremely beneficial ingredient from the home remedies for alopecia because it can replenish the lost vitamin C which can trigger the loss of hair.

Together with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, amla can help you maintain the balance as well as healthiness of scalp while enhancing the development of hair.

You just need to blend a tbsp of amla pulp with some lemon juice and then put it onto the head. Use the shower cap to cover and keep it on overnight. Next morning, wash the hair normally.

10. Aloe Vera

The last ingredient from the home remedies for alopecia is none other than Aloe Vera. It can remarkably stimulate the circulation in your body, thus improve the restoration and growth of scalp. You can put the gel from Aloe Vera leaves directly onto the head.


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