The History of the Pisces Constellation


As we undergo the study of our unique constellation and horoscope we naturally dig deeper into the past. As we dig we discover the origin of our constellation and how it came to be. Cultures all around the world recognized similar attributes to each constellation and documented these attributes accordingly long before civilizations traveled the globe.

Some of the earliest recordings of the Pisces constellation are recorded in the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries. Although much of the origin story is yet to be completely understood the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries recognized the Pisces constellation as DU.NU.NU which translates to “the fish cord or ribbon.”

However, texts belonging to the ancient Greeks that survived the destruction of the Christian dark ages recorded mythological tales regarding the origin of Pisces. Gaia, or Mother Earth, who coupled with the Titan Tartarus, known as the underworld, created the monster Typhon to destroy the Gods of Mt. Olympus. However, Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and her son Eros became trapped in Typhon’s path. The myth tells that two fish came to the aid of Aphrodite and Eros with rope to help escape into the Euphrates river thus earning their position amongst the constellations. The Romans too adopted this Pisces origin story as Venus and Cupid.

One of the most commonly debated Pisces origin stories is that of Jesus and the Age of Pisces. Prior to the globalization of Christianity celestial calendars recorded the houses that Earth entered into roughly every 2,150 years. At the time the Christiania’s began to gain momentum amongst the Roman empire also colluded with the age of Pisces. This time was marked as a glyph with the two fish opposing one another. When Christianity came into full power this glyph was outlawed as “pagan blasphemy” and then redesigned and reintroduced as a single fish to represent Jesus the Christian Son of God.

Pisces people tend to have very deep feelings. They take emotional involvement very seriously such as friendships and relationships with loved ones and family members. They are usually first to nurture these relationship links as they are known to “swim in the opposite direction just to please a loved one.” Nevertheless Pisceans are very proud people who remain very humble and modest about their achievements.


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