Healthy Ways To Relieve Stress


Stress can make a significant difference in a person’s level of health. Physically, it makes a person more vulnerable to disease. Mentally, it can create a cycle where a person might make decisions which are less than optimal, bringing health levels down even further. Spiritually and on subtle levels, stress can disrupt the energy field of the body. Here are three healthy ways to neutralize negative emotion:

Complete Mental-Emotional Awareness

Any time there is negative emotion and stress, bring complete awareness to your feelings. Feel whatever is happening completely. At the same time, observe and be completely aware of your thoughts. Bringing complete attention to thoughts and feelings breaks up the resistance that is perpetuating stress and negative emotion.

According to Eckhart Tolle, it’s not possible to resist your thoughts and feelings while paying complete attention to them. In the absence of resistance, you naturally bring more acceptance within. With acceptance, mental-emotional balance returns.

After bringing complete awareness to thoughts and feelings, bring complete awareness to awareness itself. Try shifting complete attention between the thoughts and feelings being experienced and the awareness behind them. This type of process will also create more balance inside when repeated.

Clear Negative Emotions With EFT

1) Create a reminder phrase: “Feeling (fill in this blank with the negative emotion you are feeling).” It’s okay if you don’t know the exact name of the negative emotion you are feeling. Your reminder phrase can just be “feeling negative emotion” or “feeling emotional imbalance.”

2) Tap the following points, listed in sequence,  while repeating the reminder phrase, out loud or mentally:

  • Top Of The Head
  • Eyebrow
  • Side Of The Eye
  • Under The Eye
  • Chin
  • Collarbone
  • Under The Arm
  • Wrists/Karate Chop Point

See this link represents a picture of all the points mentioned.

3) Repeat Step 2 until you’re feeling more emotionally balanced.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts And Negative Beliefs With The Work

Follow these steps:

1) Ask yourself what negative thoughts and negative beliefs are causing you to feel negative emotion. Write them down on paper.

2) Take one of those thoughts and beliefs and cycle them through the work.

3) While focusing on that thought or belief, ask yourself, “Is it true?” Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”, move on to the next question.

4) While focusing on that thought or belief, ask yourself, “Can I absolutely know that it is true?” No matter what your response, move on to the next question.

5) While focusing on that thought or belief, ask yourself, “How do I feel when I believe this thought or belief?”

6) After you’ve responded to the previous question, ask yourself, “Who would I be without this belief or thought?” See yourself in the same situation without this thought or belief and notice how you feel.

7) Turn your thought or belief around to the self, to the other, and to the opposite.

For example, if  the thought or belief is, “He should not have cut me off”, the turnaround to the self would be, “I should not have cut myself off”. The turnaround to the other would be, “I should not have cut him off.” And, the turnaround to the opposite would be, “He should have cut me off.”

8) Find three genuine examples of how each turnaround you came up with might be true.

For further explanation on all the processes I’ve mentioned above, please see the recommended sources listed below.

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