Healing and true weight loss through cellular detoxification…


Obesity, sickness and disease is rampant in this culture we live in today. Our bodies and cellular system are constantly under attack from a barrage of chemicals from the water we drink, the food we eat, the medical and dental industry, nuclear waste, etc. The body is an amazing system that somehow, even today MOST people are walking around, totally sick  inside, yet feel and look fairly well. That is a testament to the incredible ability of the human body to take on these wastes, dispel them, filter them, or just lock them into our cellular systems and organs….all the while getting larger and more sick over a lifetime.

Serious neurological damaging toxins Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and others are extremely hard for the body to handle, especially mercury. When these chemicals come into the body via dental work, fish, water, vaccines and other methods the body goes into defense mode, essentially pulling these toxins out of the blood and storing them in tissues. Mercury especially, once in the brain is very hard to remove safely, and over a lifetime can cause extreme neurological and other major problems.

A lot of these specific chemicals wreak havoc on the endocrine system, effecting all the glands, hormones, etc. This is the very reason that getting healthy, loosing weight and feeling better can seem like such a long road. People diet and diet, switch their food intake up, try and try and yet for some, actually most, real vibrant health and long-lasting weight loss is nearly impossible. That is because the body is holding on to these poisons in the cellular system and homeostasis is not really achievable. 

In order for real healing to take place, weight to come off healthfully and forever, we must dig deep into our cellular system and purge these toxins from the body… that is where real detoxification begins.  A few ways this can be achieved are some of the oldest forms of healing known to man. 

Breathing deep and meditation is one way of  cleansing the blood and other organs in the body. By breathing deep, the lungs are filled with oxygen and with proper oxygen, cleansing is an immediate reaction in the entire body. I highly recommend people learn how to meditate and start incorporating it into their daily lives. It doesn’t have to be hard….it also doesn’t have to be done exactly how others may have told you. Sometimes focusing on techniques or breathing is nothing more than a distraction when you are truly trying to be still, which is really what meditation is all about. Being still, calm, breathing deeply in a place that suits you, with little or no distraction. This ancient technique seems so hard at first in our supposed busy modern lives. But what really are we doing? Most of our time is spent rushing, stressing and not really doing a whole lot of important things. So finding time for this amazing and refreshing time-tested form of healing is vital to our well being.

Fasting is also as old as man, and a technique that I personally used to lose over 55 lbs of unwanted body mass and chemicals. Fasting is instinctual in animal. The problem again, is that modern man mostly forgot this ancient technique due to our addiction to food and the thought of it somehow being dangerous. Wild animals do it in nature when they are sick. They don’t eat, their instinct tells them that when they are sick, the body needs time to heal, cleanse, rebuild and rest. Digestion, assimilation, chewing, etc take about 20 percent of the animals entire energy systems away from them…..so logically without having to expel all that extra energy, healing has a much better chance of happening.

I highly recommend people start out with short liquid diets for 1 to 5 days…using fresh pressed and strained juices, mostly from vegetables. Longer fasts are great if sick and you have a lot of weight to lose. I really don’t recommend water fasting for the beginner… mainly because it’s much harder, more toxins flooding the body faster, etc. In today’s sick world, our bodies have a huge burden of chemicals and water fasting will start detoxing them really fast….in turn making you sick, weak, tired, nausea, headaches, body aches, etc. With fresh pressed juice, the body is getting flooded with enzymes and nutrients that give you energy, clean the blood, help expel the toxic wasteland that is flooding your bloodstream. Colon cleansing is highly recommended during fasting as well. Herbs can help stimulate the small intestines, or ground flax works as well. I personally just use juice,  herbal teas, and coffee enemas during my fasting experiences. Now that my weight is set at around the proper size for my frame, I only use fasting as a cleansing, healing and spiritual journey….usually only lasting from 3 to 7 days. A couple of times a year at the very least is highly recommended.

Coffee enemas are simply one of my favorite cleansing techniques. Very easy, can be done in the privacy of your own home. Cheap, easy to do and highly effective. Again, colon cleansing is something man essentially figured out at the beginning of time. Same with wild animals. Watch cranes over the beach sometimes or read about it online….they will swoop down, take in a bunch of water, then turn their big necks and beaks around and shoot water up their butt! Modern man thinks this is silly, dangerous, too funny or downright stupid. It’s amazing how supposedly smart and advanced we are becoming….yet SO disconnected from nature and our own innate abilities. I do highly recommend colonics as well, especially the LIBBE system, which is done by YOU and works much more efficiently than some of the older ways of doing this. 

Coffee enemas are my favorite though and the history is really clear on them. They purge the colon, especially the liver and gallbladder of serious toxins. They clean up the blood, which for healing to happen, again the blood must be clear, full of oxygen and working, not running on sludge. The acids in the coffee, which go directly to the liver, stimulate the smooth muscles and the bile ducts to open… causing a dump of stored toxins from the liver into the colon and out of the body. The liver releases a glutathione antioxidant  into the body once the coffee acids are brought there from the colon. This powerful enzyme goes immediately to work on cleansing the blood. Every three minutes, every once of blood in the entire body flows directly through the liver. During this time, the blood is cleansed, the liver and gallbladder are purged of nasty chemicals and the whole endocrine system thanks you. The longer you can hold the coffee in, the most thorough of a cleanse. There are cheap enema kits on amazon and enema coffee on there as well. This is so easy and effective I can’t stress enough how important this modality is for vibrant health. There really is no danger either, except if you use scolding hot water. You can buy organic coffee at the store, but the gold air roast coffee is really what you want, plus it’s much less contracting, so holding it in longer is easier. The real danger is not assisting the body in purging these chemical from the organs, blood and colon.

There are many other ways of cellular cleansing, such as sun-gazing, far-infrared saunas and steam saunas. Clays and algae’s have been used to, but they don’t dig as deep into the tissues as well as some of the other modalities listed.  

I hope I have inspired you and your loved ones to get into action. Take control of YOUR health. Health is wealth! Spread the word! Cleanse, detoxify, rebuild!!!