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A call to humanity

What is the deal everyone? How long are we gonna continue this March to madness and war? How long are we gonna stroll down this lane of divisiveness and ugliness? The world is war torn. We are war torn at… 0 Shares |


Candida… fungal infection raging inside all, or most Americans, causing everything from adhd, anxiety, brain fog, organs problems,sinusitis, dry mouth, yeast infections, athletes foot, etc, etc! Most people are unaware they even have it, even those who appear healthy and… 0 Shares |

Simple A-Z Health Tips

A….Astragalus Root Extract.  Adaptogenic herb, tonic, safe for long-term use! Build immunity and energy! One rule of herbs…u must take them to understand them.  B….Boswelia extract. Use in synergy with turmeric for powerful anti-inflammatory regimen.  Anti cancer and very powerful! … 0 Shares |

4 easy spring forward in health tips

1…chemical detoxification, the body, the home, cosmetics, cookware, clothing and more. First up is a short fast on liquid only, or a raw diet for a week or more…either of these is great for cleansing and clearing out chemicals from… 0 Shares |

chelation….done right

I recently have heard a lot of people talking about cleansing and promoting certain products for supposedly being safe, easy to use, supplemental chelator’s, chlorella, sulfur, zeolite,cilantro,selenium,and others. I want to be very clear as this issue is very important.… 0 Shares |

Simplicity in Life…Sovereignty in the home and health!

Simplifying your life, your home, the products you buy for your skin and cleaning, the foods you eat, etc can be a tremendous benefit for anyone looking for optimal health and healthy hormones. There are so many chemicals people use… 0 Shares |

Are we all mercury poisoned?

The simple answer to that question, is IMO yes! We are all toxic inside and especially toxic from heavy metals! Mercury is the biggest culprit and I believe the number one problem afflicting people and their overall health and well-being.… 0 Shares |

Juice fasting, feasting, liquid diet….whatever you call it…

Juice fasting is one of the best ways to stimulate the immune system, purge the body on a cellular level of  toxins, rebuild cells, cleanse the entire body and organs, etc.  The body and it’s digestive system use approximately 20… 0 Shares |


Nature: The only way to truly open up the soul and connect yourself to the energy of the universe is to get back to nature. Connect yourself to the negatively charge ions all around us. Everything that is living has… 0 Shares |

Healing and true weight loss through cellular detoxification…

Obesity, sickness and disease is rampant in this culture we live in today. Our bodies and cellular system are constantly under attack from a barrage of chemicals from the water we drink, the food we eat, the medical and dental… 0 Shares |