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Headaches are something that everyone experiences. For some, a headache is only an occasional occurrence while for someone else this type of pain is experienced on a daily basis. In addition to differences in frequency, there are varying durations, causes, and even levels of intensity. No matter the situation, finding viable headache cures is a priority, especially when the pain is often, lasts a long time, and is serious.

Of course, everyone knows that both prescription medication and over-the-counter pain relievers are one method of getting a headache under control but another perhaps safer option is by using natural headache cures. In addition to pain relief, choosing to take a natural approach eliminates possible side effects. Becoming educated about chemicals and other inorganic substances contained in conventional medicine and commercial treatments, a growing number of people have started turning to natural headache cures.

Because there are so many headache cures made with organic and natural ingredients that provide much-needed relief but without introducing potentially harmful substances into the body, we felt it would be beneficial to offer a few examples of those considered best. Of course, not everyone responds to natural treatments the same way so sometimes more than one might need to be tried before finding the one that offers excellent results.

Top Natural Headache Cures

Keep in mind that in addition to headache cures being made with organic and natural ingredients, there is a multitude of treatments that would also be considered “natural” and safer than those connected with standard medicine. The following are examples of both options, giving someone with a headache relief from pain and other associated symptoms.

Acupuncture – Used for thousands of years in Asia, acupuncture continues to be one of the most effective natural headache cures. With this, very tiny needles are strategically placed in trigger points known to cause tension headaches, which help with prevention and treatment.
Herbs and Supplements – Another one of the many natural headache cures a person could try is herbal remedies and supplements. Although there are a number of possibilities, those provided below have been shown to work well for most headache types, regardless of frequency, duration, or intensity.
Butterbur – Another one of the best natural headache cures is also a plant often used to treat digestive and respiratory disorders. However, it has also been discovered this plant is extremely helpful in treating headaches, especially migraines. One important note is that liver toxins called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, or PAs, are found in butterbur so any product should be PA-free.
Coenzyme Q10 – Because this substance produces mitochondrial energy, it offers pain relief for many people who suffer from migraines. For the best results, most doctors and herbalists suggest taking 100 milligrams daily.
Feverfew – This small plant is used primarily as a preventative treatment but for people who suffer from migraines, stopping headaches of this type from developing is a huge success. However, feverfew has also been shown to ease pain associated with headaches because of an active ingredient called parthenolide that stops histamine that causes fluids to leak and blood vessels to dilate from being released.
Magnesium – Specific to cluster and migraine type headaches, magnesium is extremely helpful for both prevention and treatment. One cause for headaches of these types is a deficiency of this mineral so taking between 400 and 600 milligrams of magnesium daily, headaches can be prevented and treated.
Riboflavin – A tremendous amount of research has been conducted on riboflavin and its ability as one of the top natural headache cures. Experts discovered that frequency of migraine headaches can be reduced by as much as 50% simply by taking 400 milligrams of riboflavin daily.
Stress Management – Stress is a key contributor to tension and cluster headaches. For this reason, one of the many beneficial natural headache cures is stress management. The goal is to reduce stress using various coping mechanisms, which in turn helps reduce or eliminate headaches. Studies show ways the body is affected by stress but with appropriate management skills, several types of headaches can be prevented and treated.
Acerola Cherry – Rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, but more importantly anthocyanins that contain anti-inflammation properties, this particular species of cherry has been shown to work great, making it another one of the most popular headache cures.
Massage Therapy – For cluster and tension headaches, massage therapy has been considered one of the best natural headache cures for a very long time. With the application of pressure on areas of the body causing a headache, the pain stops. Although the best option is having a massage done by a professional therapist, there are methods of self-massage therapy that would also bring relief.

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