Gun Control is People Control


 Gun Control?
We need to just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”– Eric Holder former U.S Attorney General (2009-2015)

Let me first start off by saying: I am in no way a ‘gun nut’. I do not now, nor have I ever, owned a firearm of any kind. If there was some way we could eliminate guns altogether, FROM EVERYBODY, go back to hunting with more primitive tools and fighting our battles, if absolutely necessary, with swords and spears, I would be the first one in line to endorse such an idea. But the fact is, guns do exist, and once they have been invented there is no way of getting the genie back into the bottle. Yes, this goes for the much-maligned ‘assault rifle’ as well.

 Armed with such an obvious realization leads me to a rather obvious conclusion: If anybody thinks it is a good idea to hand over our firearms, in any capacity, to a well-armed elite who are single-handedly responsible for the death and suffering of millions of innocents around the world year after year, decade after decade, they are clearly not of sound mind and logic. People who make such emotion-based declarations fail to understand how they are playing right into the hands of those who admittedly seek to disarm the population and enslave humanity in a dystopian nightmare – one in which the concepts of freedom and sovereignty become relics from some long-forgotten time.


America and Guns
Americans and guns have an extensive and celebrated relationship. Guns certainly played a pivotal role in the founding of this nation, and, almost immediately thereafter, became an American symbol of self-sufficiency and rugged independence. Once upon a time a gun proudly displayed on the waist of a man was a not-so-subtle way of telling a potential criminal that ‘if you want what I have got or are thinking about trying anything funny, then you are going to be in for a world of hurt pal’. It was a way of taking responsibility for one’s own safety and well-being, and was an embodiment of personal liberty. Many American schools even up through the 1950’s had organized gun clubs that familiarized youth’s with the discipline of firearm handling and emphasized the importance of self-protection.

Taking back control of our own safety and that of our families is more vital now than ever before, especially considering the meteoric rise in gross negligence and abuses of power we have seen from law enforcement officers in recent years. Anybody who trusts that the police can/will protect them from harm at all costs in every situation, has not been paying very much attention. It astounds me to see people who actually believe that unarmed citizens are safer in ‘gun free zones’. Could there possibly be any better example of helpless sitting ducks to the deranged mind of a violent screwball than a gaggle of people in a gun free zone? They might as well be walking around dressed as pigeons with targets on their backs.

As time has gone on and technology has evolved, so too has the manufacturing of weaponry. To me, the issue of guns – most notably assault rifles – can be reduced to the simple argument: ‘If the criminal gangs and blood-thirsty war mongers in power have them, so should responsible citizens as well’. With this logic I find no flaw.


Take our Guns, What Could go Wrong?
Unfortunately, in today’s heightened climate of fear-induced hysteria, guns have been thoroughly demonized in the minds of many and have been made out to be some sort of almost free-thinking killing machines that operate with autonomy and kill on their own accord. This is barely hyperbole and any observation of the hysterical anti-2nd Amendment crowd in action will provide ample evidence to substantiate this claim.

The biggest problem with the constant clamoring for new ‘aggressive gun-control measures’ – besides the obvious (UN)Constitutionality of it all – is that it is not based in logic. The progressive blowhards who propagate such nonsense clearly think that by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, BINGO! – by some master stroke of prestidigitation, gun violence will miraculously cease! It’s that simple! Piece of cake! This line of ridiculously flawed ‘reasoning’ requires the complete suspension of common sense and critical thought. We need to only look at the illegal drug epidemic that is ravaging our country to appreciate that, just because something is illegal, does not mean it is hard to acquire – especially for criminals. In fact, the very traitors within our ‘deep state’ government who are attempting to disarm the population and eviscerate our cherished Constitution, are the very same people who work so feverishly to ensure that both drugs and guns reach the blood-stained hands of criminals in this country and abroad. Doesn’t anybody recall the recent ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running scandal involving top officials in the Obama State Department? How about the ‘Iran-Contra affair’ of the Regan/Bush administration? Are we really so gullible as to believe that this decades-long, government sanctioned, illegal arms dealing will abruptly desist due to new laws targeting citizens? No chance. All it will help to accomplish is establishing an even more one-sided playing field between the psychotic despots in power and We the People. The game is already rigged heavily in their favor.


Terrorism – An Indispensable Weapon of the Global Elite
”You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple, we were supposed to force them to turn to the state for greater security.”– Vincenzo Vinciguerra (operative of CIA/NATO creation Operation Gladio)

America right now is under siege. We are being attacked and undermined from all sides by an oppressive domestic foe that we now believe should be entitled to take away one of our only means of effective resistance. Insanity is a word that comes to mind here. We are being hoodwinked into willful compliance with our own enslavement. The plan has long been to deep-six the Constitution and we are seeing this unfold on a day to day basis right in front of our eyes.

Think about it: If the plan is to consign the Constitution to the scrap heap of history, which, undoubtedly – IT IS – they are not going to achieve this goal by just asking politely. Terrorism is the tool by which they realize their desired ends, and in their dialectic process and satanic worldview, the ends always justify the means. It is for this reason, I suggest, that we are now seeing such an enormous increase in high profile ‘mass-shooting’ events; many of which are shrouded in such inexplicable anomalies and unanswered questions as to leave even the most sound asleep observer scratching his/her head wondering how the official narrative could possibly be true. For the sake of brevity I will not analyze these events here as such an undertaking is far beyond the scope of this article, but I will highlight this one case: We were asked to believe, just recently, that ‘crazed’ 64 year old retiree Stephen Paddock, despite no motive or history of violent activity, smuggled 20,000 rounds of ammunition and 30 or so high powered assault rifles up 32 floors of a highly secured Las Vegas casino, disconnected security systems and fire alarms, removed an 800 pound hurricane-resistant window, and promptly went on an unprovoked killing spree, all the while entirely undetected by the over-bearing security that is inherent in every Las Vegas casino. Right. This laughable account is classic bunkum straight from the dizzying and disorienting world of Globalist make-believe. If your B.S detector isn’t billowing smoke and shooting sparks after that dubious yarn than something is seriously amiss. Many people, including military and security personnel, spoke of how such a feat was impossible and total nonsense, but that mattered not to those without eyes to see and ears to hear. Immediately the thundering calls for gun control came blasting from all the usual pulpits of mainstream media without subjecting this asinine ‘official’ fairy tale narrative to even a modicum of scrutiny. Most people just digested this heaping pile of steaming garbage and allowed it to become part of established history – as is the case with so many similar events we see happening on a large scale today.

Time and again the same worn out modus operandi of the elite are dusted off and used to unfortunate success on a public that has an amnesiac firewall preventing them from connecting dots and seeing a bigger picture emerge – a horrific image of our social dissolution to which we are being led step by imperceptible step.


A Bad Carpenter Blames his Tools
If we truly do live in a society where people feel the urge to mete out destruction and death on a mass scale than we need to start looking at some of the factors that could be helping to contribute to those feelings. We need to start looking at the psychology of our society. Look at our objectionable entertainment standards and lack of values. Look at the mass drugging of our children through mind-altering medications and the lack of stable families and home lives. Consider the destruction of our small towns and communities; and the poisonous brain-zapping additives in our food, water and ‘medicines’. These are the areas we need to direct our attention to instead of outsourcing blame onto an inanimate object which is but a tool in the hands of a human being.

If somebody feels compelled to carry out violent acts then that is the pathology that demands attention. Violent crime in Great Britain is happening at an extraordinarily higher rate than all other countries in Europe and many in the world, including America, and it has some of the most restrictive gun control laws on earth with many firearms flat out banned to the general population. Honduras, another country with extremely tough gun laws, has the highest rate of violent crime and homicide in the whole world. Compare that with Switzerland, a country with the same number of inhabitants, in which most men aged 20-30 are conscripted into the militia and undergo extensive military and weapons training. It is a country in which most people openly carry arms, yet it has the lowest homicide rate in the world. These facts are not what one would expect to discover if they were to listen only to the emotion-laced bleating of the easily outfoxed gun control crowd – unwitting dupes in a game they couldn’t even begin to understand.


End the Violence?
I think that as Americans, we all possess in our genetic memory the spirit of how this country was founded. I think that the animating contest for liberty is a spirit that binds us all together and one that has made it harder than expected for the powers that be to do away with our Constitution as swiftly as they had hoped. The continuity between us is being significantly tested as of late however, and the age old divide and rule stratagem is being employed against us all to varying degrees of success. We need to find common ground and realize that we are all being opposed in our quest for peace and prosperity by the same force. We cannot fall victim to the traps that are set for us and we cannot continue to deal on the terms of the oppressor by relinquishing still more of our freedoms. If the primary goal really is to eradicate senseless and violent death in our society than how about we consider the following:

We live in a country in which alcohol-related deaths per year are simply astronomical, and yet, I have not seen one person from the dazed and inebriated multitude step forth and dedicate even one iota of breath to the prospect of alcohol prohibition. One might think, given some of the lofty sounding platitudes emanating forth from the gun-grabbing crowd, that this would be a rather hot topic worthy of consideration. Apparently, massive amounts of death related to alcohol consumption are not equal in value to those relatively few who die at the hands of a deranged gunman. Or maybe, perhaps, history has proved well enough that prohibition doesn’t work and can in fact exacerbate the problem it was meant to curtail; in which case I wonder why this logic has yet to be applied to the subject of gun control.

We are citizens of a country that has now been locked in a state of perpetual warfare for decades on end with no resolution in sight, and still, this elicits no meaningful response from those who claim to be against senseless acts of violence and slaughter. The killing isn’t limited only to distant battlefields either. Around 70,000 Americans died this past year alone as a result of the opioid epidemic made possible by the U.S occupation of Afghanistan where roughly 90% of the world’s opium is derived from. Very little is mentioned about this calculated mass murder by the same rabble of hysterical nincompoops who demand law-abiding Americans acquiesce to ever more stringent firearm regulations.

Ours is a country that looks on in divine admiration as its biggest Hollywood stars stand proudly upon a soapbox and deliver a clarion call throughout the land for increased gun control, and then, without acknowledging even one scintilla of hypocrisy, return to playing the most murderous characters in their morally corrupt, shoot-em-up action ‘thrillers.

We live in a country in which millions of innocent, unborn children are murdered each year in legalized ritual, being considered, apparently, as nothing more than disposable refuse even up until 10 minutes before birth, and somehow this fails to generate even a fraction of the outrage erroneously directed towards guns. It is a truism that should hardly have to be explained: Respect for life outside of the womb begins with respect for life inside of the womb. Those who argue that if abortion was outlawed it would just happen illegally anyway fail mightily in applying the same reasoning to the argument of gun control.

Building a healthier and safer society begins with addressing these issues, not by vacating still more of our rights to the good-for-nothing miscreants in government who could not care less about the safety and well-being of our people.


This oppressor we are dealing with wants to take everything from us. We keep giving an inch and the predator keeps taking a mile. Such is the nature of the beast. This article was written with the 2nd Amendment in mind but it extends far beyond that. Right now ‘they’ say that they don’t want to disarm the people per se, they only want to curtail gun ownership a bit and make it much tougher to purchase firearms. How altruistic. Unfortunately, this is another blatant lie and just another step on the path to total public disarmament. The goal eventually is for massive confiscation of private property, restriction on travel and use of land, financial collapse and large-scale civil unrest. This design of theirs is outlined in official documents such as the U.N’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They make no bones about what their plans for the near future are and it seems to me that in order to meet these goals they would have to ensure the least amount of resistance possible – i.e. complete disarming of the American people. All we have to do is look at the history of gun control legislation in this country to see that a really insidious agenda is moving ahead at full steam and has been for many years. Today’s historically-illiterate maestro of the boob-tube would be well advised to bone up a bit on their history research and find out just what fate immediately befell countries that were forced to give up their arms. I’ll give you a hint: it was not a pretty and peaceful scene.

We can no longer deal on the tyrants terms and allow our Constitution to be eroded due to emotional manipulations. We have reached a point where we need to say ‘Enough! No More’. This is about a lot more than just guns. It is about retaining our inalienable rights and not conceding any more ground to the enemies of all humanity. This is about our right to raise our families the way that we choose, with the traditions and values that we hold dear. It is about being able to live a life that makes us happy. It is about our right to own property and to not be held in financial servitude that is sure to devastate our present and burden our future. It is about our divine right to a human existence. It is about standing up to a hostile government that views us as little more than useless cattle. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t written in the event that the deer decided to rebel, it was written as a safeguard against tyrannical and psychopathic control in the highest echelons of organized power. The Constitution is currently on very unsound footing and it is vital that we restore and uphold its supreme national authority, as it is the only protection we have left against our cultural annihilation. This may sound extreme in the context of gun ownership but it isn’t. Once the process of conceding any inalienable rights begins, there is no telling how far it will go. The time is now to make our stand.

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