How Green Smoothies Are Like a School Bully


Most people remember school bullies well; they were either being tormented by the dreaded person or were witness to the fear they instilled in others. Perhaps they were one themselves.

Whatever the circumstance, school bullies were often talked about and typically avoided. Sort of like green smoothies.

That’s right, green smoothies.

They’re all over health and recipe sites, with many people touting their magnificent health benefits. But for those who are still on the fence about making and drinking them, good luck being convinced of their goodness, right? Well, not so fast. Green smoothies, much like school bullies, might surprise you.

That’s a good thing.

Here’s Why Green Smoothies Are Like a School Bully

They’re Not as Scary as They Sound

Ah, school bullies. They built themselves up so others feared them like the plague. “I’m gonna get you after school,” they’d warn. With a scary appearance and an intimidating-sounding nickname that others gave them, just hearing about them paralyzed children with fear. People always talked about them as though they should be avoided at all costs.

But underneath it all, it was not uncommon for all the worry to be more hype than reality.

Same with green smoothies. Sure, some have scary-sounding names. After all, “Crazy Kale Fury” or “Sock it to Me Spinach Smoothie” might sound off-putting to many. They seem so powerful and fierce. Coupled with their Hulk-green appearance, sweet and delightful is the last thing people might assume about them. So, like the school bully, best to avoid them.

Not so fast! In reality, they’re not as scary as many people assume.

In fact, green smoothies aren’t just filled with greens; check out this detox green smoothie which is filled with bananas, dates and cinnamon. Sure, it’s got kale, but have no fear. Kale’s great for your health as are the other ingredients and in the end, there’s nothing scary about the drink. So be brave and go for it! Promise, you’ll discover that all the green smoothie fears were for naught after trying this recipe.

They Teach You a (Health) Lesson

Sometimes bullies taught lessons…but good ones.

For those who dared approach one, didn’t it feel good in that adrenaline rush, heart-pounding way? Curiously unfolded with a sense of adventure, as leaping into an unknown world was undeniably scary. Ultimately, your bravery to even attempt approach was enough to have the bully back down and reveal their softie-underneath-it-all personality.

Sometimes standing up to the long-feared notion of kale in a blender just feels good, much like facing a bully you never thought you’d get within 10 feet of. But you did it! Not only did you face your fears, but you learned the lesson that sometimes doing things you never imagined is beneficial to your physical and mental health.

In fact, green smoothies like the detox one above can help boost mental clarity, provide the body with a range of vitamins and minerals, act as great pre-workout fuel and can even help with weight loss. It can also ward off bad cholesterol levels, improve the immune system and boost energy!(1)

What a wonderful lesson.

They Pack a Real Good Punch

A punch of antioxidants and vitamin-rich vegetables, that is.

Feel a cold coming on? Tired or achy all of the time? Have high blood pressure? Let a green smoothie kick your health up a notch.

According to Joan Salge Blake, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Consuming green smoothies is a good way to get vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are high in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure.” She also explains that such smoothies can help one stay properly hydrated.(2)

Kristi Crowe, a spokeswoman for the Institute of Food Technologists, agrees. She says that spinach should be a key green smoothie ingredient and that when the likes of cucumbers, green apples, beet leaves and celery are also used, nutrients abound. While she says mixing in fruits are fine, she warns against going overboard, saying that vegetables have a great deal of antioxidants and less sugar than fruits.(2)

Pack them with veggies and give that cold or health condition a real good one-two punch.

Several studies show that regular consumption of fresh, green vegetables is an ideal way to get wholesome nutrition and can even negate the need for taking supplements. Vegetables’ vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help with everything from cancer prevention to reducing diabetes complications.(3)

So why not go for it? Overcome the fear of the mean green smoothie and know that, like bullies, there’s much more to them than what people are thinking. Underneath that tough-looking exterior is something that ends up being much better than anticipated, leaving you with nothing to fear and only good health to gain!

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