Globalist God Complex
Science, when used in conjunction and balance with nature, can be a wonderful and useful tool. Nearly all of our understanding about the universe, the human body and the nature of reality – to name a few- can be attributed to some form of scientific undertaking, which certainly speaks to the benevolence inherent in such practices. However, when viewed as omniscient and employed far beyond what the parameters of the natural order allow, great ‘God’ science can become a rogue element – which if left unchecked will undoubtedly be used by the ‘one world’ practitioners of malevolence to enslave humanity and to ultimately destroy the beauty of natural creation altogether. Indeed, we are seeing this today on an ever-increasing scale.

In this article I am going to address the tech-no-logical and chemical onslaught that is being waged in the name of ‘science’ and against humanity, by various corporate institutions that have a vested interest in creating a sick, docile, and subservient population which will ultimately be rendered incapable of resisting the globalist plans of totalitarian hegemony unless the current trends promptly cease. Below are just a few of the ever-increasing mediums through which they operate in the hopes of achieving these draconian ends.

The only safe vaccine is one that is never used’ – Dr. James R. Shannon

From almost the minute that a newborn child comes into this world they are forced to endure an absolute onslaught of toxicity in the form of inoculations. Babies are now given a staggering 25 vaccinations-and-growing – by the age of 2. In many cases this practice of medical madness will continue on unabated well into adulthood with little to no consideration of what is actually being injected into the body. Many of these ‘immunity boosters’ contain – among other refuse – mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, animal tissues and aluminum. It is unsettling to think of what effects such malignant cocktails can have on young, undeveloped immune systems, and even more unsettling to confront the fact that it is most likely this way by design. It is an unfortunate truism that there is no money in keeping us healthy and a sick population guarantees lifetimes of massive profits realized by these very same pharmaceutical companies that introduce us to their poisons almost immediately after birth.

What is also unsettling is the dictatorial attempt to make this scientific imposition mandatory and thus eradicate any semblance of freedom we have left. Already in parts of the country we are seeing vaccinations as a compulsory prerequisite for children attending school and for employment opportunities at certain jobs. When a human being cannot choose what gets injected into his or her own body, or that of their kids, then it is clear that far from being sovereign citizens of a free country we are, more accurately, prisoners in a brutal and merciless police state in which unalienable rights are deep sixed and become relegated to the files of antiquity. No amount of big pharma-funded propaganda should make us believe otherwise.

It should be extremely concerning to people that the heads of many of the organizations pushing for mass vaccinations are on record as being staunch supporters of large scale population reduction. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is one glaring example of this whereby Bill Gates has many times reaffirmed his belief publicly that the human population needs to be decreased by billions and that this can be done using vaccines. Gates’ father was a eugenicist who was the head of Planned Parenthood and it stands to reason that li’l Billy is merely continuing his father’s work in the silent killing fields, which would certainly begin to explain his massive shareholdings in Monsanto, another canker on the welfare of this earth.

Lost in all of this is the fact that we were all endowed with a vastly superior biological inoculation known as the immune system and if allowed to grow and prosper unmolested by continuous chemical undermining we would most likely be a much healthier, happier people. Any attempt to ‘upgrade’ our biological form through science is an attempt at man playing God and over stepping his place in the divine plan of nature. Such misguided thinking has its roots in the Kabbalah, an influential book of Jewish mysticism which espouses the idea that God created an imperfect world and that it is up to the intellect of man to perfect it. A more overtly self-aggrandizing philosophy would be difficult to conceive but it does go a long way towards explaining the globalist desire to control the weather.

‘For more than a decade, the United States and Canada’s citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365-day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients.’ -Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Another example of science run amok and the global elite vastly over stepping the bounds of nature and thus the balance necessary to maintain natural prosperity is their barely concealed attempts to control the weather and modify the atmosphere. One need only to crane their neck slightly these days to notice the near constant spraying of chemicals high up in the atmosphere which linger around all day eventually dissipating into a hazy smog which blankets our skies. The substance that is being sprayed has been analyzed by numerous scientists and has been found to contain toxic heavy metals including barium, strontium and surprise, surprise… large quantities of aluminum. Many have connected the spraying of ‘chemtrails’ to the deforestation we are seeing in California and around the world, as well as to strange diseases such as Morgellons.

Snow samples tested from Mount Shasta, California showed aluminum levels of 61,000 parts per billion (ppb) compared with a normal sample which should be roughly 7 ppb. Aluminum is a primary cause of many brain functioning disorders that we are seeing increase almost by the day and the spraying of chemtrails appears to be part of a much bigger plan to not only poison the ecosystems below but to control the weather as well along with technologies such as HAARP. Affliction of this magnitude upon the earth and the people who inhabit it will certainly have ruinous consequences.

The negligent overstep of trying to play God by modifying the atmosphere, what is called ‘geo-engineering’, has been largely denied in previous years by the mendacious traitors residing within government and media despite the obvious provability of it taking place right above our heads. In more recent times however, it has begun to be admitted to and ‘ justified’ by some in positions of influence as necessary to combat that insipid boogeyman ‘global warming.’ Well, a qualified ‘nice try’ is in order but if it truly were such a benevolent, earth- saving endeavor then why all the subterfuge? Why not come out with it openly and transparently from the start? This rather lame excuse is of course negated by the fact that human caused global warming is on a par of believability roughly equivalent to the existence of Santa Claus and is easily disproved by the massive amounts of scientific evidence and data which have been gathered and compiled in recent years.

It is important to remember that the myth of human caused ‘climate change’ is being sold for our consumption by the very cabal of criminally insane liars whose factories, fracking, GMO’s, depleted uranium and all the rest are TRULY destroying our world.

GMO’s                                                                                                                                                                                         You cannot insert a gene you took from a bacteria and call it life. You haven’t created life, instead you have polluted it’- Vandana Shiva

The insatiable globalist desire to override the limitations placed upon man and to irreparably tamper with biology is brought to heightened levels of insanity when we begin to consider the almost inconceivable subject of genetically modified organisms.

How audacious and bereft of soul these psychopaths are to think that they can genetically alter plants, animals, and consequently the humans which subsist on them, in such a way that it suits their agenda for profit and control. GMO’s are created by inserting a gene from an unrelated species into the cells of a plant or an animal to produce certain characteristics within the organism that would otherwise not occur naturally. This unbelievably nefarious practice betrays a complete disregard for the natural world on the part of the satanic corporate elites, and the ramifications for such encroachment are beginning to be seen in a number of ways ranging from food allergies, sterility, and autism, to infant mortality, heart disease and ultimately the ‘rewiring’ of human genetics altogether.

The deeply sinister Monsanto biotech corporation has virtually taken control of this country’s agriculture production and one has to wonder how it came to be that a chemical company who introduced the world to such carcinogenic mayhem as Agent Orange, DDT, and Dioxin (not to mention their production of rBGH, Aspartame and PCB’s), has now taken near complete control of producing this nation’s food. Surely their horrendous track record in the fields of human advancement should be enough to enrage the populace into organized action against them on a scale not seen before in known human history. This may very well be the case if the powerful lobby groups which represent these criminal cabals didn’t work so feverishly to ensure that very little bad publicity makes it into their tightly controlled mainstream press.

Considering the fact that GMO’s are quite obviously another potent weapon in the arsenal of the population reduction crowd it comes as no surprise to find that Bill Gates is on the front lines of promoting this agenda and owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock. Apparently, these vile reprobates who claim dominion over us feel they are entitled to decide who lives and who dies as well. Such adversaries of man and God deserve no less than eternal damnation.

‘I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent 20 years’ research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine…Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically’ – Charles Eliot Perkins

The amount of aluminum that we are subjected to in our everyday lives should raise some serious questions. This ubiquitous toxin is now included in toothpaste, baby formula, cookware, deodorants, drinking water, childhood vaccinations and many other everyday devices. The links between aluminum and memory related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are extremely strong, as are the links between aluminum and many cancers. It is on that basis that we now consider the aluminum poisoning of municipal water supplies via mass fluoridation.

Fluoride: ‘Any binary compound of fluorine’
Fluorine: ‘A poisonous pale yellow gaseous element of the halogen group’
How is it that here in America we are unwilfully and in many cases unknowingly inoculated with this poisonous toxin?

The trojan horse method in which fluoride became approved as an additive for town water supplies displays quite clearly the revolving door between big business and government that is in constant use to gain approval for otherwise unconscionable decisions which further the globalist agenda for human enslavement. Disposing of aluminum waste (fluoride) was extremely inconvenient and costly for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) up until 1946. That was the year that Oscar Ewing, a Wall Street attorney and counsel to ALCOA, was appointed by President Truman to head the Federal Security Agency which put him in charge of the U.S Public Health Service. From that point on, and with a highly placed representative of ALCOA overseeing the Health Department, the myth that fluoride helps stop tooth decay has been thrust onto the public and sold relentlessly through a complicit media. Subsequently, fluoride has been added into water supplies and toothpaste much to the delight of the aluminum industry and the Corporatocracy who control it – and to the detriment of the unwitting population at large. Fluoride is a toxic by-product of the aluminum industry and it is a key component in rat and roach poisons, psychiatric drugs and military nerve gas to name a few. It has been banned by many European countries yet continues to poison Americans of all ages without their informed consent here in the ‘land of the free’. Does anybody still believe that this junk is there to produce a nation of great smiles?

Artificial Intelligence
Few examples illustrate the globalist desire to play God better than the frightening phenomena of Artificial Intelligence. The idea of animating dead matter into a semi life-like state of being has been around for centuries. In Jewish mysticism, these half- living zombified monstrosities are known as Golem. According to the Jewish Kabbalah, Golem are created for the purposes of inflicting vengeance upon those whom its creator has targeted for smiting. With this in mind it is not too large of a leap for some to see parallels between these Judaic legends of yore and the increasingly intelligent killing machines being developed by DARPA, Google, Raytheon and others in the ‘defense’ industry.

Already, A.I. hucksters like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are casting artificial intelligence as some uniquely beneficial step on the ever-enlightening path of so-called human evolution, even going so far as to denounce those who have reservations about this new artificially intelligent techno-nightmare as being ‘Pretty irresponsible’ and ‘negative.’ Those thoughtless aspersions aside, many conscientious people are beginning to wonder if perhaps A.I might not, in fact, be a step towards a technologically controlled hell on earth.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin envisioned a new era of warfare in which A.I would reign supreme…’Wars may end when all the drones on one side are destroyed by the drones on the other side.’ The military, in collusion with DARPA, Google and others are already developing highly sophisticated and weaponized A.I bots that will be incapable of reasoning yet programmed to kill.

The true relationship between these hi-tech developers of efficient murder machines, who pose as being institutions dedicated towards serving the public, is best illustrated by Regina Dugan who is the former director of DARPA who then went on to take an executive position at Google and is now working for Facebook. Woah. Quite a few career moves it seems unless we appreciate the agenda that these corporations are collectively working towards, which appears to be one of total human enslavement through technological dictate. One is left wondering if the genie isn’t already too far out of the bottle to be put back in and if so, just how far exactly these veritable psychopaths plan to take this.

It seems undeniable that a small group of influential people have hijacked the controls to many aspects of our lives and are guiding us towards an imminent destruction. These egoistic megalomaniacs display an enormous amount of chutzpah in their misguided and ultimately ill-fated attempts to usurp the divinity of natural creation and situate themselves upon a throne of technological superiority to be worshipped as de facto Gods of this mortal coil. This suffocating grip around our lives must be broken and a necessary step towards doing so is to take whatever control we can back into our own hands. I encourage everyone to disconnect from the hypnotizing technological videodrome, get back to the earth in whatever capacity is feasible and produce as much of your own food as you possibly can. It is not only a much healthier option but a great spiritual reconnection with the earth as well. When one appreciates that we are being opposed by a system of death, any form of natural creation becomes a subversive act.


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