Fukushima: Is It Safe To Eat Radioactive Seafood?


Many opinions have been expressed about the ever worsening situation with the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan. The company representatives have downplayed the impact, and the current state of affairs. Maybe they are hiding the truth, maybe they are just not ready to admin even to themselves just how serious the situation is, and was at each of the stages.

I am writing a post that offers practical advice on what you can do, so stay with me. But first let me describe the situation.

It seems to be now certain that 3 of the reactors experienced a melt-down, which means that the hot radioactive fuel rods were no longer being cooled, and that they burned through their containment vessels, and that they are now in direct contact with the ground below. That means they are contaminating ground water.

The latest idea the engineers want to try is to create a wall of permafrost around the reactors, deep into the ground, to force the natural ground water to flow around the complex, instead of through it. At a cost of half a billion dollars …

The whole Fukushima power plant disaster is a complicated situation. I think it was caused mainly by “engineering hubris”, the belief that the designers thought of everything. Interestingly, while the installation is in Japan, the plant was designed by Westinghouse – so whatever pollution we get as a result of the blow out, we can thank our own “smart” people.

How is it possible that they put the backup power generators into the basement of the buildings? Did they really forget that basements get flooded?

Why is it that they decided to store both the spent fuel rods, and the contaminated cooling water on site? Did you see the field of storage tanks? That truly was a disaster just waiting to happen.

The concept, and the propaganda that nuclear power plants are clean seems to be flawed. It is clean only if you do not consider the exhaust. It is not in the form of carbon or sulfur gasses being spewed into the air, instead it is in the form of radioactive material that needs to be put somewhere. Maybe it could be hauled away and buried in an abandoned mine, deep underground, but most transport companies don’t like to have the liability of moving it.

Let me review: the regulators in collusion with the operators have been lying about the levels of radioactive materials released into the environment. They are lying, misdirecting, misreporting, and all the while they are putting the world at risk.

I am not surprised that the corporate executives lie and cover up their mess and put at risk their workers, and people and animals living downstream. But that is the problem: we need to change the business culture. It is not OK to hide the facts.

It is our right to know the full story and to be advised of the steps we can take to prevent harm, to keep safe from being killed or damaged for life by their actions, or their inaction. Maybe they are over their head. It is not good enough to hear that they are doing their best. We need to hear that they messed up, and don’t know what to do. They need to ask for help.

The Japanese government has now uncovered that at least 300 and perhaps over 450 tons of contaminated water containing radioactive isotopes of iodine,
cesium, plutonium, and strontium, is escaping into the Pacific Ocean every day. Japanese experts estimate that the current fallout is already 20-30 times of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions combined.

This spill has been going on ever since the earthquake disaster, two and a half years ago. They were hiding the true scale of it.

In August 2013, Reuters reported that Japan dramatically raised its warning about the severity of a toxic water leak at Fukushima, from a level 1 “anomaly” to a level 3 “serious incident” on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). That’s a 100-fold, two orders of magnitude increase.

But what does it mean?

Relatively speaking these are “just a few drops in bucket” of the Pacific Ocean. But the concentration is not even. The east coast of Japan is probably lost as a food source, for thousands of  years. The currents will pick the contamination up and carry it towards  Hawaii and the west coast of North America. Plankton testing at 10 different  points in the Pacific show radio-active cesium from Fukushima, with the highest levels just north east of Hawaii.

The fishing industry was in trouble already, before this disaster. Reports come in of fish bleeding from the eyes and showing up with strange skin lesions, sea lions dying at an unprecedented rate, the plankton dying from pH changes, and fish-suffocating algae blooms near the coast caused by agricultural effluent.

You already know that tuna (a top predator at the top of the food chain) concentrates mercury. It will not be very long before the contamination starts showing up there. Bluefin tuna samples containing reactor byproducts cesium-134 and cesium-137 have already been confirmed. It is clear that the radioactive particles (cesium isotopes will be radio active between 2 and 2 million years) are entering the food chain.

These pollutants are cumulative. Once inside our bodies, they are sequestered, hidden in low circulation tissues (fat, cartilage, bone) and released when we try to lose weight, or start losing bone mass due to osteoporosis.

What can you do? The answer, as always, is that you will have take care of it yourself. If you wait for the regulators, you have a good chance to be one of the statistics that will finally convince them to do something.

Damien Downing MD has written an article Radioactive Fallout: Can Nutritional Supplements Help?

Damien quotes a US Department of Homeland Security funded guidelines paper in 2006, with information about radioactive pollutants, such as uranium,
cesium, iodine and plutonium. This document is not very helpful, because they do not have effective tools for several of the elements.

I expect that most people will react by avoiding Pacific-harvested seafood, especially fish high up the food chain (tuna, albacore, halibut, swordfish, shark and mahi-mahi). I plan on eating the sea food and use zeolite together with humic and fulvic acid every day, as a means of binding and excreting the heavy metals.

You can see the explanation about humic acid, what it is and how it works. It is available from several sources on the planet, ancient decayed plant mass.

The half life of radioactive iodine (131I) is only 8 days, so it is not very likely to ingest it in food or water. You need to protect your thyroid from the radioactive iodine, and the only defense is to saturate your thyroid with good iodine. I use the atomic iodine tincture every day.

Martin Pytela
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