Fuel for Life’s Journey–You Can’t Buy Energy in a Can


It has been scientifically proven that electromagnetic fields exist around every living being. Each of us has an energy signature or essence.


Flowers take nutrients from the soil and absorb them through their roots. As they grow, they are energized and animated by sunlight and rain. A seed becomes a flower. A rose becomes a rose. When you think of a rose, or smell a rose, that flower transfers its energy to you. Florists, poets, and perfume makers all use the essence of a rose to appeal to your senses. When you give a rose to a loved one, it lifts their Spirit, and they feel good.


And so it is with plants. Plants take their individual nutrient requirements from the soil. A tomato seed takes elements like nitrogen and calcium, opens its leaves to absorb and store the energy of the sun; quenches its thirst with rain, and it becomes a ripe juicy tomato. A tomato plant has a different energy signature than a carrot or a red pepper, even though they all share the same garden soil. When you eat a carrot, it transfers a different energy signature than a pepper or tomato. A carrot does not look, smell or taste like anything other than a carrot. Gardeners rotate plants so that the soil doesn’t become depleted of any one nutrient. Green plants give you their rich green chlorophyll, which is identical to human blood except for the center atom of magnesium; in a red blood cell the center atom is iron. When you eat green leafy vegetables or drink the juice of wheatgrass, they enliven and energize you by building healthy red blood cells in your small intestine.


Healing your body at the cellular level is all about energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed—it can only be transformed.


We are all miraculous, light filled beings. We are electromagnetic. Every thought, every heartbeat, sends electrical signals that power your body. Nerve impulses (signals) are electrical “pulses” that receive information externally and internally, interpret that data, and instantly communicate it. Every cell in your body possesses infinite intelligence to interpret and act upon that information to maintain balance and harmony. Therefore, every cell in your body must be energized with electrical power—makes sense—right?

What powers us, at the individual cellular level, is a miraculous biochemical balance of minerals, salts, oxygen and pure water. Take away any of these critical elements, and the human body would dry up, stop breathing, and die. Therefore, the fuel to energize and power our bodies must contain all those natural elements. Our fuel comes from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the thoughts we communicate. Yes . . . thoughts are electromagnetic. Specifically, natural salt from the earth increases the electrical potential of water and conducts electricity. All the fluids of the human body are salted; blood, saliva, tears, sweat, and urine. You are the salt of the earth for real!

Our entire nervous system pulses with magnetic currents. Wherever there is a flow of electrical current, there is also magnetism because the two must always go together. Wherever you have a transmission, you also have a reception. Wherever there is electricity flowing, it both attracts other currents and also transmits them. An electric motor does the same—there are two magnets with a copper coil in between—the coil captures the energy between the magnets. The electrical power of the human body controls every function it must carry out–from the rhythm of your heartbeat to the amount of blood flowing through your capillaries, to your light and dark reception, or circadian rhythm.

The cell structure of the human body is the same. You have a nucleus and you have cytoplasm. The nucleus is the positive pole and the cytoplasm the negative. You have conductive minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.), and you have fluid (water) that is contained by an outer cell membrane made of lipids (fat). Every cell membrane is made of lipids—a reason why you need cholesterol. Coenzyme Q10 is critical for mitochondrial respiration. Statin drugs block the production of Coenzyme Q10.

Inside each cell are the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the power stations. By the process of aerobic (with oxygen) respiration, the mitochondria convert oxygen and nutrients into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is your electrical currency of life, or life force. If your heart stops beating, a defibrillator can deliver an electrical shock to attempt to restore heart rhythm. If you are struck by lightning, the uncontrolled electrical shock can kill you. The mitochondria of the cells are also responsible for telling the cells when it is time to die so they can be replaced by new cells.

Built into the infinite intelligence of every cell is a process called “apoptosis.” When your body determines that a cell is no longer useful, enzymes called capases break apart and destroy the DNA, shrink the nucleus and cytoplasm, and shut down the mitochondria. (Stay away from that stuff!) The cell membrane remains intact, but the cell quickly shrinks from surrounding cells and dies without the power of the mitochondria and the brain of the nucleus. These cells are then eliminated. This is a natural process. This is your body getting rid of old, tired cells to make room for new, healthy ones. This process also occurs in a developing baby—the tissue between your fingers and toes (the webbing) is unnecessary, so your body removes it from the fetus. And you have ten individual fingers. And ten toes. Amazing!

The process of apoptosis is, according to cutting-edge cancer research, where cancer begins.

The primary cause of cancer, from an energetic perspective, is mitochondrial failure. Cutting edge research supports this, but Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel prize for his discovery back in the 1920s that cancer cells get their energy by consuming huge amounts of glucose and breathing without oxygen (anaerobic respiration). Dr. Warburg hypothesized that the mitochondria of cancer cells must be different or damaged, because normal healthy cells are powered by aerobic (oxygen) respiration.

Ancient man ate locally and seasonally. He did not count calories (units of energy) or read labels. He did not worry about whether his grains were gluten free or if eating too much coconut meat would make his thighs look big. He did not depend on a newscaster or TV doctor to tell him what to eat. All his food was “organic” because there were no pesticides or man made adulterated “genetically modified” foods. Ancient man had instinct and intellect. He foraged for food or grew his own food. Food gave him the energy he needed to survive. By some estimates, ancient man could run 28 miles per hour from predators. How fast can you run? In fact, the Tarahumara of Mexico could run for days with only freshly picked Chia Seed in their cheeks or in a drink with water. Chia seeds give you omega oils, fiber, and lasting energy. In his book, Born To Run, author Christopher McDougall refers to the Tarahumara Chia drink known as iskiate, as “ten thousand year old Red Bull.” Ancient man didn’t read the book—he knew it instinctively and intellectually because his ancestors experienced it and passed along that information from generation to generation.

When you eat blueberries, they transfer their energy signature to you. Natural, live, fresh foods are “anabolic,” meaning they build up red blood cells. They have their own enzymes, minerals, and properties that do not take energy from you. They give up their life force so that you may have vital life force.
Let’s say you would rather eat your blueberries in a pie. Cooking your blueberries over 110 degrees destroys the enzymes and vitamins. Blueberry pie is “catabolic” which means, “that which tears down.” When you eat cooked food you still build red blood cells, but they lack vital energy because the heating of the blueberries destroys their energy signature. The tissues built from cooked or highly processed canned or packaged food lacks live enzymes and has no nutrient value. If your inner terrain is built from only catabolic food, you expend more energy than you build up and cells begin to self-destruct (apoptosis) because their environment is toxic and acidic. Innate intelligence determines these energy deficient cells to be useless and sends those capases to internally implode them. The human body does not run on carbohydrates, it runs on energy transferred from natural enzyme and nutrient rich fuel.

Your body must have a certain pH level in order to maintain the electrical current that powers your heart, brain, and nerve receptors. The pH scale goes from 0 (being pure acid that kills you instantly) to 14 (pure alkaline). You must maintain a blood pH of 7.36 (slightly alkaline) for the blood to effectively carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells and remove waste. An acid pH strips red blood cells of their electrical charge. Think of an alkaline battery. An alkaline battery is stored electrical potential. When batteries go dead, they have lost their electrical potential. Your body needs electrical potential in the form of stored energy to neutralize acid. Green plants transfer their stored energy and light (chlorophyll) to you when you eat them. Cheeseburgers do not.

Fuel for the journey through life must be mostly natural, live, raw, organic fruits, vegetables, and natural unadulterated grains, seeds, and nuts that transfer their energy to you. Notice this does NOT include any diet or label like “gluten free,” “fat free,” “raw,” “meat free,” etc. Those are man made labels and have nothing to do with life force energy. When you are filled with life force energy, you transfer your life force to those around you. You can’t wait to get up every day, you are filled with gratitude for another sunrise, for the present moment, you see the beauty and the lesson in everything, your eyes shine, your skin is moist and glowing, and you smile a lot. You feel so amazingly alive that you can’t help but share the feeling. You radiate love. How many middle aged humans do you know that fit into that category? The highest life force or essence of a human being is love.

Is this fuel “fast” or always “convenient?” Not without planning, preparation and possibly a juicer. Neither is cancer treatment, hauling around an oxygen tank, or packing a motorized cart along with your bikini and a case filled with all your pills when you hit the beach. The good news is—you get to choose! Every minute of every day you can choose to be grateful, to consciously select what you put into your body, and to nourish your Soul. Or you can be sick, tired, and clueless.


Let’s take it one step further. Suppose you made the blueberry pie yesterday and your sweet old uncle drops by today for a visit. Yes, he would love some warm blueberry pie—don’t go to any trouble—just pop it in the microwave for a minute . . .

Now you have moved from a fresh blueberry that was filled with sweet nourishment to build healthy red blood cells– to beyond catabolic and entering free radical, possible cancer causing territory. You have now internally exploded and radiated the blueberry. Structurally, energetically, and chemically it is no longer a blueberry.

Microwave cooking or even reheating, DE-natures and deteriorates cells. Cells are broken apart—neutralizing their electrical potential. This violates natural law. This destroys their energy signature. And keep in mind—we are talking about real food that actually had electron potential. Microwaving anything from a plastic package “foraged” from a vending machine had no electron potential to begin with. In fact, ancient man would not even recognize it as “food.”

Cells subjected to this form of electromagnetic radiation are forcefully made to reverse polarity. No atom or molecule known to man can withstand the violent friction of being imploded internally or DE-formed (also known as structural isomerism). Free radicals are created by the collateral damage. They are positive ions searching for electrons. They deplete your healthy cells of their negative electrons, leaving them damaged.

You have now transformed your inner terrain into a state of energy emergency. This means that instead of normal mitochondrial aerobic respiration, these deformed cells switch to anaerobic respiration and begin to ferment. If you only eat food that is cooked over 110 degrees, is processed, gluten or fat free, artificially sweetened, filled with pesticides, and/or microwaved—over time—significant DE-generative changes will occur in your blood. Your energy/electron-deprived red blood cells will become lifeless and anemic from lack of iron. Simply by adding fresh organic fruits and vegetables from a local farmer’s market or grown in your front yard, patio, or garden—can put the life force back in your blood. One simple thing—like growing wheatgrass and juicing it, or trying a green drink or smoothie, or adding a salad made fresh from your garden—one simple thing can make a huge difference in whether you build healthy, beautiful, oxygen rich red blood cells, or sick and tired ones.

Jay Kordich, a.k.a. “The Juiceman,” taught me everything I know about juicing. He is so knowledgeable and shares his passion for the power of fresh juice in healing the body freely and with great love. Jay is a cancer survivor. He wrote a chapter for me on juicing versus blending.

Nature draws us to plants by our senses. Natural foods enrich, strengthen, energize and heal your body at the cellular level by offering you their stored energy and light. When you consume them, you too become a vibrant, electromagnetic, light-filled being. The ancients called that light “shen,” or “spirit” (“that which can not be named”) and use an analogy of a candle. The flame of the candle burns energy—but the purpose of the candle is the light.

You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Shine . . .





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