Forget Banana’s and Check out These Five Great Tasting Foods that Deliver Even More Potassium per Serving


Bananas have long been promoted as a top natural source of potassium. It is often the first choice for athletes and weekend warriors looking to replenish the potassium levels after a workout. While it’s true this long, yellow fruit offers an impressive amount of potassium per serving, did you know there are five other great tasting options to get more potassium?

Why Potassium is Vital to a Healthy Body

Potassium is a positively-charged ion present in the cells of the body. It acts as an electrolyte, similar to magnesium and sodium, and is vital to the communication process between the cells in your body. It helps to carry the electrical stimuli throughout your system. Basically, it helps to keep all of your organs functioning and you alive. In addition, it is able to convert carbs into energy.

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Health Benefits of Potassium

Check out these health benefits of this mineral.

  • Converts carbs into energy
  • Helps to maintain proper function of the heart and assists with the voluntary and involuntary muscle contraction.
  • Helps to maintain proper balance of water and salt in the body
  • Helps to maintain proper pH, acidity, of the blood
  • Helps to fight the formation of kidney stones

Replenishing Potassium in your Body

Over 70% of the potassium found in the body is in the fluids including your blood, plasma and sweat. Thus the more you sweat during a workout the more you lose and the more you need to replace. So here are great tasting alternatives to a banana for getting potassium into your body.

The daily recommended intake for potassium for an adult is 4,700 milligrams.


One medium banana delivers 422 milligrams of potassium.

Canned Tomato Sauce:

Believe it. Just one cup of canned tomato sauce can deliver over 800 milligrams. However, make sure avoid the brands that also offer high amounts of sodium or added sugar.


A single avocado delivers 975 milligrams. This is almost twice as much as a single banana. This doesn’t mean you need to eat an entire avocado in a single sitting, but simply enjoy a scoop on a sandwich or burger or with a salad.

Winter Squash:

Just one cup of cooked butternut squash provides over 580 milligrams of potassium

Acorn Squash:

Another option is acorn squash. Enjoy almost 900 milligrams in just one cup of cooked acorn squash.

White Beans:

Enjoy a double-barred benefit of fiber and protein in addition to potassium with white beans. Just a single cup delivers an amazing 1,189 milligrams.

Coconut Water:

Why not replenish your body with hydration and great taste. Pour a glass of great tasting coconut water and your body will enjoy 480 mg of potassium.

Discover the Natural Health Benefits of Fruit – Download a free copy of the Fruitceutical Handbook

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