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It is amazing how the health of our physical, mental and spiritual self is so closely related to the function of our brain. The cleaner I eat and more balanced my lifestyle is with regards to rest and activity; the clearer and more efficient my brain functions. I find that my brain is foggy when my body and mind are stressed from lack of rest, poor diet and/or dehydration. However, there is one herb that seems to immediately calm my nervous system; while simultaneously energizing my body from my head to my toes.

Gotu Kola for Brain Function

Consistent consumption of the herb, Gotu Kola, allows my brain and my nervous (or sensory) system to remain calm, clear and function productively; while improving my memory, alertness, and awareness. As I drink Gotu Kola tea, I am able to find calm in my breath; and my nervous system transitions into a more intentional sensory mode; while oxygen freely circulates to the brain.

Gotu Kola for Cell Regeneration

Gotu Kola simultaneously detoxifies acidic blockages that may inhibit the brain from receiving nutritious vitamins and minerals. Gotu Kola is also renowned as a cell regenerator and heals skin abrasions and cuts very effectively; as well as nourishes the skin with diverse vitamins and minerals to create a vibrant complexion.

It is known in herbalism that herbs that look like the part, also typically play the part; and it is uncanny how Gotu Kola so closely resembles the physical make-up of our brains from a visual perspective. The beautiful green circular pod that pops out of the ground so closely mirrors our physical brain; and in between, a long-vertical stem, much resembles our spinal column. It is not a surprise that Gotu Kola provides nourishing vitamins and minerals to the brain.

The Gotu Kola herb is a pillar of Ayurvedic medicine and grows in abundance here on our medicinal herb farm in Hawaii; and if left alone creates an intricate and most powerful underground web just beneath the topsoil. We once had to pick up the entire top soil to rid the garden of the expansive root system that the Gotu Kola so quickly dispersed.

Many Ways to Use Gotu Kola

We eat the Gotu Kola raw, cure it to make tea and powder, and cold-press it to drink the juice. The cold-pressed juice is super potent both topically on the skin as a skin conditioner, as well as internally providing super calm energy. I have read that Gotu Kola is one of the staple herbs used by the Tibetan monks to nourish their brains and promote longevity. Legend has it that Gotu Kola helped a sage live past the age of 200. In experiencing the simplicity of this herb, I can understand how this could be true. Experience Gotu Kola herb for everything it has to offer and feel more alive.


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