Family Constellation Therapy–Learning to release ourselves from unhealthy family patterns


All of us at one time or another hear: “You look so much like your mother”, or, “You walk just like your father”, but we rarely stop and look at what else we have inherited from our family. What I have noticed in my own life is that almost every thought, idea and belief is rooted in my ancestry. I have inherited from my family many beliefs about life, money, men, sex. Family Constellations has helped me find out what my beliefs actually are, independent of my family.

The Family Constellation method can offer many insights on conscious or unconscious family patterns we have inherited such as anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, relationship issues and even illness. We can finally free ourselves from belief patterns our family never meant to pass down to us. They also inherited many of those beliefs from their own family!

We often unconsciously “pick-up” our family’s feelings and patterns out of love for our family and ancestors in order to create balance. In the meantime, we lose track of who we really and end up living someone else’s life. We lose touch with our own needs and desires, and who were were truly meant to be.

Through the clarity of the Family Constellation method, we can together heal issues you have been carrying around for years, giving way to a truer way of living life: A life where your own specialness can shine on. That is the life you were really meant to live.

We begin to feel the immense loving life force that has been carried forward through ourselves and our ancestors.

Family Constellations can help with issues such as:

  • Feelings of being excluded from the family
  • Sadness that feels like it does not belong to us
  • Taking care of our parents while neglecting our own families
  • Sexual abuse
  • Divorce

Jivan Dios is a Canadian Family Constellation Therapist living in Stockholm, Sweden and on the island of Crete in Greece. Visit her at for info and online counseling

Couples Counseling, Family Constellations Facilitator and Meditator