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5 Tips on How to Live Your Own Life & Stop Being The Helper

Here I am on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece. A land known for its gorgeous food, weather and beaches. There is another side of Greece that few are aware of. A side that sometimes keeps people from experiencing… 0 Shares |

Family Constellation Therapy–Learning to release ourselves from unhealthy family patterns

All of us at one time or another hear: “You look so much like your mother”, or, “You walk just like your father”, but we rarely stop and look at what else we have inherited from our family. What I… 0 Shares |

Be Yourself, No Matter What They Say. 5 Ways How

Just be yourself. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  I’ve heard it many times, and for many years, I thought I was actually being myself. The truth is, I wasn’t. I was pretending. When someone asked me to do something, I did… 0 Shares |

why i never battled cancer

Cancer didn’t just happen to me. It took time. I remember something within me trying to talk to me long before it decided to go it’s own way and become cancer.  It yelled and screamed. It made me uncomfortable. It… 0 Shares |

4 Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks Perfect for St-Patrick’s Day

Since I greatly reduced my alcohol consumption, I realized how much drinking  felt almost mandatory during most holidays, most of them anchored in a boozy tradition. And St-Patrick’s Day is certainly no exception. Out of all of the booze-laden parties,… 0 Shares |

Feeling Stressed? Read this.

It happens to all of us. We sometimes feel overwhelmed. We feel tired. We can’t focus on what we’re doing. This is what I call stress. You’re looking at that computer screen with a blank stare. You don’t remember ever… 0 Shares |