Eating Clean


More and more people are seeking out clean food to eat, because eating clean is the only way to achieve any real health in this polluted world.

You can walk through any supermarket now and see the shelves filled with some of the most contaminated, over-processed and overpriced ‘food’ our polluted world has ever seen.

Never before now has our environment been sprayed with so many pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers, and this has caused so many of us here and all over the world to develop everything from allergies and respiratory infections to of course chronic illness.

And while governments try to look like they are trying to prevent pollution by creating laws to cut emissions from cars, cows and gas stoves, the biggest polluters in this world continue to pollute our air, water and soil every single day.

This is why eating clean is vital, because if you ever want to achieve any real health, especially in this very polluted world, the only way is by eating clean, and eating clean every day.

In fact, no matter what diet you choose to follow, if what you are eating every day is not clean, then you can’t expect that diet to be healthy, nor even be capable of helping you achieve your health goals, not healthfully anyway.

Sure, there are a thousand weight loss diets out there and some do appear to lose weight, but there is a huge difference between healthy weight loss and unhealthy weight loss.

One example of unhealthy weight loss is the typical sagging skin you see on those who have lost a lot of weight. Starving away healthy muscle and healthy fat is no way to lose weight and the long-term effects of losing weight like this can be very dangerous and even shorten your lifespan.

When you are eating clean every day, you do not have to lose weight and you do not have to diet, because eating clean every day is enough to achieve all your health goals, and truly healthy weight loss is just one of the amazing benefits you can expect.

Another amazing benefit of eating clean every day is the fact that you don’t even need to do any hard exercise to achieve your health goals, because what creates good health is not how often you exercise, but rather how often are you eating clean.

Remember, exercise is only as healthy as you eat every day, so oppositely, if you eat unhealthy every day and then think you can just exercise the junk food away, you are only damaging your organs and shortening your lifespan.

In other words, when you are eating clean every day, you can expect your health to consistently improve, therefore any diet you follow will be successful, no matter which diet you choose to follow.

Food can either be a source of health or a source of illness.

Unfortunately though, we still see long lines at every fast-food place, because they believe they are saving money or saving time, but are they really saving anything?

If the cost to ‘treat’ your illness drains your bank account and forces you to spend countless hours talking to hospitals, doctors and your insurance, how could anyone ever claim eating fast-food is saving you money or time?

It’s obvious that eating fast-food only forces you to spend a lot more money and a lot more time later. There’s even a statistic that shows most bankruptcies are due to outrageous medical bills.

Big Food has definitely infiltrated the food industry in this country, especially since they control it!

They do not want you ever finding anything truly healthy to eat or drink at the supermarket and especially do not want you eating clean every day.

This means no one is coming to save us from the pollution that’s all around us and definitely not save us from eating or drinking all the toxic, contaminated ‘food’ that’s all around us.

We must defend the last little bit of clean food we have left and preserve as much of it as we can, before it’s too late, because once all the truly clean food is gone, it will be gone forever.

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My name is Dr Darren Wayne and I have been a Food Scientist for the last 30 years. Just in the last 10 years our food has become more contaminated than ever before, filled with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs, PFAS, and despite all of that, also extremely processed. I had to watch my friends and family continue to suffer from all the overpriced toxic food and now inflation has made everything even worse. For this reason I created The MealBetix Lifestyle! We have to stick together now more than ever!