Easy Steps To Get Started On Low Calories Diet Plan


Step 1: Be honest with yourself

Once you decide that you need to follow a low cal diet for losing weight, you have already started your journey.

The thorough mental process of making a firm decision is the key to getting your perfect, healthy shape. The rest are just tools to achieve that. Honestly, ask yourself why you want to change your body and lose weight. You can even make a list of the reasons, stick a picture of when you thought you were in a better shape or your favourite actress. Whatever motives you best.

Step 2. Decide on the diet plan

Next thing is that you must decide what low calories diet plan you actually want to follow. There are plenty of popular diet plans – vegan, paleo or the alkaline diet. They are often contradictory! Listen to your body and your moral compass. Maybe going vegan would be the best choice not only for your body but also for the environment?

Don’t just go by the name of the diet or celebrity endorsement, take the time to know what exactly all plans offer. What you need to do and how will it fit into your daily schedule. You must have the will-power to stick to the low cal diet to get started with the low-calorie diet plan.

Step 3: Make a day by day plan

On day one, you must decide which low cal plan you are going to follow. No matter what plan you choose, you will basically be eating less of carbs, oil and sugar. Your goal here is to lower the intake of calories and carbs so that the body uses fat stored within the body to get energy.

On day two, make your house low cal low carb diet plan friendly. That means you have to take stock of what eating items you have at home in your refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, pockets and pantry. Throw away or give away anything that has high sugar, high carb, and high-calorie content. Those ways even you crave, you will not get a ready answer for your cravings and you will have to opt for something healthier.

That day itself, make a list of what you will be eating and what needs to be purchased for the coming week. Include raw food, fresh food, drinks, snacks whatever you will need, obviously all of these have to be low cal and low carb.Then go shopping according to the list, no extra eating items to be bought.

Then, at the beginning of the third day, you can start following your low carb and low calories diet plan strictly. It is always good to start fresh as the day starts; you will be more committed towards your goal and find the diet a new way to transform your life and the way you look. On this third day, take some time out to cook some low cal low carb food for yourself. Then you will not have the impulse to grab on just anything when you feel hungry, instead, you will have something healthy cooked by you very well within your planned diet.

The next few days are going to be little rough, as you will face some withdrawal symptoms. You might experience a headache, dizziness and tiredness because your body craves for sugary food that it is used to. Nevertheless, do not worry, all these symptoms will subside within 3-4 days. Then the going will be smooth.

Now you have a step-by-step approach on how to get started on low cal diet. Commit yourself and you will not regret having your favourite calorie ridden dish when you see the great weight loss results for yourself.

Whenever you are losing hope and motivation remind yourself about the incentives to make this goal. Did you want to seem more attractive to the opposite sex, become more confident or probably the most important – be healthier and happier? It’s worth the effort! Don’t give up.

I wish you the best of luck!

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams is a freelance writer who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a total nutrition enthusiast, who believes that true happiness comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships. She regularly shares her thoughts at Wingman Magazine.