Deadly and Toxic Foods Poisonous for Dogs


Deadly and Toxic Foods Poisonous for Dogs

Unbeknownst to many people, dogs are in fact lethally allergic to many human foods.  These foods range from the most commonly known foods such as chocolate to unknown and never realized foods such as onions and even garlic.  Often time pet owners, without ever realizing it, will feed their beloved pets foods that they absolutely cannot have not realizing the consequences of doing so.  This even includes seasoned meats that have onions, garlic and other spices within it.


Although if your dog eats one of these foods it may not be immediately lethal in small dosages but even small doses even can be toxic slowly poisoning your dog’s bloodstream resulting possibly in a painful death.  By thoroughly understanding and researching which foods your dog can and cannot eat longevity may be achieved for your dog’s health by providing solely the most healthy and beneficial foods only.   Here is a small list of deadly and toxic foods poisonous for dogs.



Chocolate is one of the most commonly known foods that are deadly and toxic and poisonous to dogs.  If your parents didn’t tell you growing up than at least your grandparents did.  Although from time to time many pet owners find their dogs have gotten into a stash of chocolate and it was not immediately fatal they may notice symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and even stomach aches from their dog.  The caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate can even cause dogs to experience seizures.  The darker the chocolate the worse for the dog.



Believe it or not many pet owners feed their dogs’ avocado without realizing that it is in fact a deadly and toxic food poisonous for the K9 species.  Avocado contains persin, which is a toxic chemical for dogs, in the seeds, leaves, fruit, and bark and can cause dogs extreme vomiting and diarrhea.



K9 bodies are not designed the same as the human body so therefore a dog consuming alcohol is an absolute no-no.  Many pet owners will allow their pet a “taste” or a small “sip” when they feel their pet is “of age” but in fact alcoholic beverages have an effect tenfold on their bodies in comparison to their human counterparts.  Yes alcohol can cause intoxication in a dog as well as dizziness but can quickly lead to seizures, low blood sugar, coma, and even death.   Alcohol is most certainly deadly and a toxic food poisonous for dogs.


Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are fatal if ingested by dogs as compounds within each food can cause toxicosis and will not be noticed for up to three to four days after ingestion.  The first symptoms include noticeable laziness than symptoms will begin to appear in urine either as dark orange or an almost blood red.  Onions and garlic are certainly deadly and toxic foods poisonous for dogs.


Coffee, Tea and Caffeine

Just like chocolate; Coffee, Tea, and other Caffeinated beverages contain theobromine which can cause vomiting and diarrhea and also contain theophylline which can quickly lead to seizures and death.  Different size dogs will respond to different amounts but regardless coffee, tea, and any caffeinated beverage should be considered lethal and toxic for dogs.


Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are a bit of a humdinger because although they are deadly and toxic to dogs it is due to an unknown chemical.  Research is still being conducted as to understand why grapes and raisins are lethal to dogs but in the mean time they should not be fed to dogs whatsoever.  What is currently understood about grapes and raisins is that prior to death and after consumption the K9’s kidneys’ will begin to fail.


Macadamia Nuts

Just like grapes and raisins Macadamia nuts are also poisonous to dogs due to an unknown chemical compound.  Once consumed a dog will start to show symptoms of vomting and diarreah as well as their central nervous system will begin to become affected and their digestive system and they will suffer from muscle spasms.


Be sure to not feed your dogs any of the aforementioned meals or beverages as these are all deadly and toxic foods poisonous for dogs.  Be aware, even if not immediately fatal to dogs a slow poisoning can occur resulting in a painful death for the beloved family pet.  Do your research and know what your dog is eating.




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