We all love coffee right? Well I did too until I learned how bad it is for my adrenal glands and candida. Drinking caffeine can worsen adrenal fatigue, but in air roasted coffee enemas it stimulates bile flow, palmitic acid, and supports glutathione’s antioxidant detoxification activity. Have you seen My Strange Addiction on TLC? I am not one of those people. Too much of anything is a bad thing. I stick with one coffee enema per week unless you are monitoring electrolytes.

The Max Gerson Protocol has been helping patients with migraines, pain, constipation, and cancer for over 70 years. The protocol involves coffee enemas and juicing organic veggies. It’s giving the body a chance to detox, to heal.

But if you’re just trying to lose that last 15 pounds, or parasites…cause let’s be honest we pretty much all have them….or just become more regular, give coffee enemas  a try. We’re all supposed to be going to the bathroom 3 times a day! I’s.a.lot.

Pick up a kit at Walgreens or Amazon and try it for 15-30 minutes. I get my coffee on Amazon too… “PurEnema Coffee Beans are organically grown so there are no chemical residues that are detrimental to your health. It’s also certified Fair Trade and shade grown, which is better both for the quality of the coffee and the long-term health of the soil. The ideal coffee to use for performing coffee enemas is one that is free of toxic substances, has high caffeine content, and is stored in whole bean form for freshness. Ground coffee begins to go stale within hours, even when sealed, so for maximum freshness freeze your beans in a sealed container and grind just before use.”

1. Place 1/3 cup distilled, spring, or carbon filtered water in a saucepan

2. Add 1/2 to 2 Tbsp organic dark roast coffee, freshly ground

3. Bring to boil, then simmer 12-13 minutes. Remove from heat, add 1 cup water.

4. Strain through coffee filter into enema bucket, run coffee through tube to run all the air out, and it’s ready to go! Test temp before using 🙂 …should be comfortably warm

If you’re in Nashville come hop on my inversion table for a full tilt detox or Skype if you want me to walk you through your first session.


Emily Smith RN-BSN

Holistic Health Coach