Cholesterol, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s–why Western Medicine gets it wrong


“Almost any edible wild green is richer in vitamins than domestic lettuce. Table lettuce is to wild lettuce what the Protestant’s grape juice is to Christ’s blood, and plays a similar role. Part of us still knows we need the Wild Redeemer. –Dale Pendell, Pharmako/poeia

The ignorance of doctors in the Western Medicine system of care never ceases to amaze me. They will put a person on blood pressure medicine, or worse, statin drugs—and insist, despite study after study, heart attack after heart attack—that you must continue to take these meds for the rest of your life. They refuse to listen to any suggestion of dietary intervention or cutting edge research that clearly demonstrate natural approaches that are far more effective and have no side effects. Medical schools still fail to educate students about nutrition, lifestyle changes, and epigenetics—choosing instead to rely on man made drugs.

The same Creator who gives animals instinct, and humans a brain first gave us nature. Why would our Creator put us here only to let us die of starvation? Plants are designed to be food and therefore, fuel to sustain life on Earth. Fuel given by the Creator cannot be patented and therefore—is of no interest to pharmaceutical corporations. Plants have intelligence to work with the body to normalize function. Drugs have no Spirit, no intelligence, and simply substitute a pill for a function. A blood pressure pill lowers blood pressure. It always lowers blood pressure. Hawthorn and Cayenne, by contrast, dilate blood vessels, which work with your body to adjust the pressure inside them to bring your body back into balance or homeostasis. While some drugs contain the “active ingredient” isolated from plants, they lack the intelligence and Spirit that can only be derived naturally. It’s kind of like asking Michaelangelo to paint a Sistine Chapel fresco blindfolded. While his arm could spread the paint—his eyes and soul give it life.

Most people don’t need an auto mechanic to know an automobile needs fuel, in the form of gasoline, to perform. They also understand the importance of good oil or the engine will smoke and burn.

Somewhere along the line, we were programmed to believe that oil, in the form of saturated fat, was bad for us. Low fat diets and cholesterol lowering drugs were supposed to protect us from heart disease, diabetes and obesity—but they didn’t because they were based upon faulty science. Just like the automobile example above, human beings need good oil in the form of saturated fat. Otherwise the human body will smoke and burn from inflammation—a major cause of most disease.

Coconut oil has been the latest recipient of demonization by the medical savants and mainstream media. But the exact opposite is true. Coconut oil improves memory and cognition in 50% of people who take it, according to Dr. Mary Newport (resource below). Dr. Newport has studied, lectured, and authored books about Alzheimer’s based upon her experience with her husband and the excellent results she achieved.

Despite spending 84.4 billion dollars over the last 8 years on Alzheimer’s disease, research shows that the groups given placebos did better than the actual treatment groups. If you understand how the brain works at the cellular level, and what nutrients it requires to function optimally, you can easily understand why.

Glucose is the only fuel the brain can use. But glucose requires insulin to deliver it into the brain cells. In Alzheimer’s, the frontal lobe of the brain becomes insulin resistant and insulin deficient —causing some to label Alzheimer’s “Type 3 Diabetes”. In diabetes, the cells are actually starving because even though the sugar is high in the bloodstream—it can’t get into the cells to be burned for fuel. Insulin is the key that opens the door to the cell. If you can’t get insulin into the brain neurons to burn as energy, those neurons begin to die. Your brain starves to death despite having plenty of sugar in the bloodstream.

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). MCT’s are a form of saturated fatty acids that your body can use as fuel instead of glucose. In fact, your heart actually prefers fatty acids. Fat is converted in your liver to fatty acids and ketones—but only ketones can cross the blood brain barrier via the same biochemical pathways as glucose. Ketones don’t require insulin to enter neurons. Coconut oil allows your liver to make ketones. Coconut oil and MCT oil don’t require digestive enzymes because they go directly to the liver for processing. They are used almost immediately as energy and not stored as fat. This facilitates improvement in cognitive function and memory, and along with a low carb diet—can improve weight loss and obesity. Ketones increase lean body mass and have been used by bodybuilders in the United States. Saturated fats are not the problem—the brain is 60% fat! Cholesterol is not the problem—cholesterol is necessary for every cell in the body and especially high in the brain. Brain cells must have cholesterol to communicate—to release neurotransmitters and communicate at the synapses. Statins drugs block a crucial enzyme CoQ10 that is necessary for cellular function and protection from free radicals. Free radicals cause aging and inflammation. Free radicals turn your body from smokin’ hot to burned out. Why would you ever recommend blocking an essential nutrient like cholesterol? It doesn’t make sense unless you are selling statin drugs.

In order to find the answers to chronic conditions, you have to look within. Trust your intuition. Change your diet and lifestyle. Try some good oil like coconut. Get a little sunshine. Breathe Deep.

Trust the “Wild Redeemer.”



Notes From A Naturopath (2014); Chapter 4; Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s—Understanding the Dangers of Statin Drugs




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