Bottle Gourd juice: Cure UTI, Control Diabetes And Prevents Premature Greying Hair


Known as South Asian squash, bottle gourd belongs to cucumber family and also originated from Africa, and is also available nowadays in many regions of the entire world. It contains vitamins A, C and folate and an array of minerals including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, bottle guard juice is also full of fiber.

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice

Urinary disorders

Bottle gourd is very valuable in treating urinary disorders. It is Diuretic and it swills out the excess water present in the body. It also has a cooling factor and drinking glass of bottle gourd juice can be beneficial to treat burning feeling in the process of urination which is caused because of high levels of acid present in the urine.

Prevents Premature greying hair

Ancient Ayurveda says drinking fresh bottle gourd juice in the morning on a regular basis can be very useful for prevention and treatment of prematurely greying hair.

Cure diabetes

Bottle gourd juice is an excellent remedy for the excessive thirst caused by diabetes. Bottle gourd juice also keeps the blood sugar levels in check when consumed every day. Its also prevents fatigue due to loss of sodium and keeps you refreshed in summers.

Aids in sleeping and insomnia

Sesame oil when mixed with bottle gourd juice helps to cure problems of insomnia. The leaves of the gourd when consumed in cooked forms cools the brains and helps in curing sleep related problems and aids in sleeping better.

Weight loss

Bottle Gourd juice is low in fat and calorie, this helps in reducing extra weight from our body. It is especially popular among those who are obsessed with losing there weight. Furthermore, bottle gourd juice is supposed to control your hunger if you sip it in an empty stomach, especially, in the morning.

Bottle gourd Juice Recipe


Bottle Gourd – 1 medium (washed, peel if required) (for approx 2 glass)
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Fresh Mint or Cilantro Leaves: 15-20
Black Pepper – 1-2 pinch
Black salt – to taste (optional)
Cumin Powder – 1 tsp
Lemon Juice – 2-3 tsp
Ice cubes as required
Water as required


-Wash, dice & blend bottle gourd (lauki), ginger, mint leaves with a cup of water in a blender for 2-3 minutes.
-Add another cup of water, lemon juice, black salt, pepper powder, cumin powder & ice cubes and blend it for another two to three minutes.
-Strain into individual glasses and serve chilled.

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