Black cumin seed shown to increase benefits of exercise and combat obesity


Black cumin seed is a one of the most valued and well documented natural remedies in history. Its incredible healing abilities have been recorded in Middle Eastern, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Egyptian records. In fact, evidence of the seeds’ healing powers was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, dating back to 3,300 years ago. Black cumin seeds are scientifically known as Nigella Sativa and boldly called the ‘seed of blessing’ and ‘magical seed” throughout history.

The seeds were used by many prominent figures of the past. Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti used them as a beauty treatment, Prophet Muhammad referred to black cumin seeds as “a remedy for every illness except death,” and Hippocrates used the seeds to cure digestive and metabolic imbalances. According to The Alternative Daily, there are more than 450 published studies demonstrating that Nigella Sativa has the ability to cure, improve, or inhibit cancer, autoimmune disorders, tumor growth, HIV, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, candida overgrowth, and metabolic syndrome among many other ailments.

Unique qualities of Nigella Sativa are its anti-obesity properties and ability to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome, a common side effect of prolonged obesity. According to John Thomas of Health Impact News, “Researchers identified obesity as being the most prevalent health problem affecting all age groups. It leads to chronic heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, and stroke. Researchers reviewed the abstracts for 33 scientific articles related to obesity, herbal medicine, and traditional medicine. They found that black seeds, green tea, and black Chinese tea had anti-obesity effects.”Studies have also shown that black cumin seed, taken daily, will maximize the health benefits of exercise, particularly in combating obesity and the side effects of obesity, giving those who are working towards healthier lifestyles more bang for their buck.

In a particular double-blind study, a group of clinically obese patients were given black cumin seed, while the others were administered a placebo; all participated in aerobic exercise three times per week. After eight weeks both groups showed improvement in total cholesterol and VO2 max; however the patients receiving black cumin seed showed a greater improvement in the same areas in addition to a reduced fat-to-muscle ratio. “The researchers concluded that the combination of 8-weeks of aerobic training and Nigella sativa supplementation had a synergistic effect, and the combination of black seed consumption and aerobic training produced the greatest health benefit,” reported Thomas.

Black cumin seed oil also promotes heart health by improving the condition of arteries, decreasing arterial pressure, and improving overall function of the cardiorespiratory system.

In addition to maximizing benefits of exercise and providing anti-obesity benefits, black cumin seeds offer an array of health benefits. The “miracle” seed has gone down in history as a cure-all, super vitamin, cancer fighter, and immune booster. Black cumin seeds can be taken two to three times per day with raw honey and capsule or oil form.

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