The Best Foods to Increase Kidney Function


Most people do not realize what an important role that kidneys play in the general health of the body until something goes wrong. Then, when in the throes of a kidney infection or in the very painful process of passing a kidney stone, they realize just how vital this diminutive organs are.

And the truth is that the kidneys really do play a vital role in the day to day function of the body. That is why taking care of those kidneys is so incredibly important. And the good news is that there are many natural and effective ways to do this through common foods and spices that are already in most kitchen pantries. Read on to find out more about the best foods and spices for to promote kidney health and function.


This classic summertime dessert is not just a delicious addition to any picnic or barbeque, it is a great choice for kidney health. For one thing, the fact that it is mostly comprised of water and has diuretic properties to boot helps to ensure that the kidneys will be properly flushed out, which reduces the chances of infection or kidney stone development. It is one of the fruits recommended by the National Kidney Foundation for its tonic properties. (1)


Passing a kidney stone is often described by patients as the most painful experience of their lives – it has even be nicknamed “male childbirth” because of this. The best way to prevent it – or stop it from happening again – is to drink at least half a cup of lemon juice a day, diluted in water. The highly acidic nature of the lemon juice will help dissolve any mineral deposits in the kidneys before they have a chance to form into stones. (2)


Ginger is excellent for general health because of its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties – and those same properties appear to have a positive effect on kidney function as well, helping to repair renal tissue and reduce painful inflammation around the kidneys (a frequent symptoms of both kidney infections and kidney stones). Ginger is a versatile herb and can be used in dishes like curries or drunk as a tea. (3)


Celery is another excellent food for renal health. Like watermelon, celery is largely composed of water and it, too, has diuretic properties. That is to say, certain compounds in the celery help to increase the production of urine, which ensures that sufficient fluids pass through these organs to keep them cleaned out and free of not only bacteria but also of the mineral deposits which can eventually form kidney stones if left unchecked. (4)

These are common foods which many households have on tap already. However, it is well worth it to increase these foods and spices in the diet, particularly if kidney disorders are already a problem, to help with overall renal function – and to ensure the continued health of entire body.

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