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Meghan has written many articles about health subjects as a journalist and as a freelance writer. As a reporter, she often covered hospital and clinic events/news and wrote news and features about health topics relevant to people in the community.

10 Ways Diet Soda Can Kill You

Diet soda won’t help you drink yourself skinny. Zero calories in this case don’t mean zero problems. In fact, quite the opposite. Drinking diet soda can increase your risk for heart attacks and diabetes. Don’t believe us? Studies conducted around… 0 Shares |

Cannabis found to help healing process of bone fractures

There are few more controversial topics in medical ethics today than the use of medical marijuana. While many countries have legalized this, at least under certain circumstances, in other countries it remains illegal to use. In the United States, marijuana… 0 Shares |

Top alkaline foods to include in your diet

Anyone who follows natural health magazines or social media sites knows that acidity is a topic that has been on a lot of peoples’ minds in recent years. This is because studies continue to uncover the fact that the typical… 0 Shares |

Toxic household products you probably use every day

When most people think about toxins, what comes to mind is probably guys in biohazard suits cleaning up sludge from a river, or an old factory spewing chemicals into the air through its smoke stacks. Those are obvious signs that… 0 Shares |

5 Herbs for lung cleansing and respiratory support

The average human breathes in and out between 12 and 20 times a minute – and the human body cannot go more than just a few minutes without oxygen without suffering brain damage or even death. And yet, until something… 0 Shares |

Health Benefits of Raw Cacao Beans

For years and years, people were taught to put “chocolate” on the list of dietary no-no’s. Milk chocolate and other forms like it which have a ton of sugar, artificial ingredients and very little chocolate are certainly not very good… 0 Shares |

Newly Discovered Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that everyone seems to know about. Anyone, for instance, who is about to come down with the flu or a cold or is actually sick is advised to “get lots of Vitamin C”… 0 Shares |

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods that Can Protect You Against Cancer

Inflammation has been a topic that has been frequently featured on the news, in papers and on various health blogs and social media. The reason for this is that more and more medical evidence is coming to light that chronic… 0 Shares |

Arsenic: High Doses in Food or Water Will Kill You

Arsenic is a natural substance, and its place is on the periodic table as a heavy metal along with elements like lead or cadmium. Its toxic properties have long been known. Arsenical poisoning was the topic of many mysteries from… 0 Shares |

Eliminate Fructose and Watch How This Lowers Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is a condition where the blood pressure consistently remains at or above 140/90. It is a common problem in the United States, with its high-salt diets and generally high stress levels, and it has also… 0 Shares |