Basic Emergency Kit For Any Emergency Scenario


Are you thinking of creating a Basic Emergency Kit but don’t have a clue what you will need?

If you are thinking of  creating a basic emergency kit for yourself or your family you may be asking what are some of the most important items to start with?Keep it simple, emergency kits are created differently for different scenarios. If an emergency occurs and you are away from home what do you need to keep with you at all times, will you need a tent?  Pack Food, Water, Shelter Medical kit a light source and clothing.  If children will need to be entertained add small games, a favorite toy, puzzles, or crayons and a coloring book. Include a deck of cards, crossword puzzle book, or have something you enjoy on hand that will allow you to escape for a few hours of relaxation. Other items to pack would be  personal cleansing products like soap and a toothbrush, a pen to write notes, knife, cord, compass, map, saftey pins, emergency blanket, duct tape, and a cell phone for texting.

Important items you need for your basic emergency kit.

Food and Water: Water is heavy to carry so have a portable water filter in your pack.  Eating what animals eat is not good for human consumption. If you know where you are going, know what plants are editable for humans. High fat /calorie rich high protein nut bars, peanut butter, honey, freeze dried fruits and veggies, tuna, sardines, and salt. Make sure you have the supplies you will need to cook your meal and serve your meal. Include tools to trap or fish, if you will in the wilderness.
Clothing for the season and location: Gloves protect your hands and a hat protects you from the sun or cold. Include something warm, because when the sun goes down evenings cool down as well. Plan to layer your clothing. Synthetic materials do not breathe so consider linen, cotton, or wool that can be worn year round.  Include  bandanas in your pack to use as a sling or pad to cover a wound, used as a filter for dirty water, as a washcloth or for any number of uses.
Let there be light! Without a light source, there is nothing to keep darkness at bay, include multiples of three different sources of light. A flashlight with batteries, matches, and lighters.
Important information and Papers: Physical and flash drive copy of important information, like your medical information, the deed to your home, social security number, birth certificate, driver’s license and insurance, and passport in a waterproof container, even a plastic baggie will work.
Medical Supplies: Create a medicine kit, put in any prescription drugs you need, medicinal herbs, bandages and Band-Aids, dental adhesive or sugarless gum, super glue to seal cuts, alcohol in a small container, hand sanitizer, needle and thread, tape, aspirin, Tylenol, antibiotics and over the counter medicine.
Act defensively to prepare for your safety. Keep both gold/silver and cash close to you.

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