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Susan Norgren is a spiritual messenger, she practices deep trance channeling, is a psychic medium and the published author of several popular books on the subject. She is also the “happy bride” of Shaman Rob Norgren, mother of three children, grandmother to 3 and adoptive grandma to 10 awesome kids.” “When The Golden Egg Cracks” is Susan’s newest book. It is available at Balboa Press, Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press and Amazon.com “It all begins with you.” DreamMyst Thank you in advance for being the lighthouse that shines brightly so others can find us. Please like and share if this information has benefited you in any way.

Basic Emergency Kit For Any Emergency Scenario

Are you thinking of creating a Basic Emergency Kit but don’t have a clue what you will need? If you are thinking of  creating a basic emergency kit for yourself or your family you may be asking what are some… 0 Shares |

Mass Animal Deaths 2013 and Coronal Mass Ejections

Mass Animal Deaths 2013 caused by Coronal Mass Ejections bursting through earth’s energy field. I decided to research Mass Animal Deaths 2013 specifically for August 20 to September 21. Severe weather and animal deaths during this period throughout the world… 0 Shares |

Symbiotic Synergy of the Sun and Earth Changes

DreamMyst a universal light being has stated many times over the years that coronal mass ejections, CMEs, and earth changes are tied to the symbiotic synergy of the sun and earth. A few weeks ago, we had two coronal mass… 0 Shares |

Two Coronal Mass Ejections Careen Towards Earth

Two coronal mass ejections careen towards earth. The first of two Coronal Mass Ejections left Tuesday and the second one shot off on Wednesday. DreamMyst continues to state that cosmic will continues. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) will… 0 Shares |

SHTF Scenario with Newborns and Infants

Survive and Thrive in a SHTF scenario with a Small Child or Infant In a SHTF Scenario with Newborns and Infants there will be no disposable diapers or baby wipes. Survival in a post-collapsed world is going to be difficult… 0 Shares |