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Yogi Mami was started by Victoria, a wife and mother who is interested in researching natural and holistic alternatives to improve the body and how it functions. She works as a Yoga instructor and Usui Reiki Master with experience and knowledge on topics such as holistic pregnancy and natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and natural cures and treatments for common ailments for adults, children and babies and even pets! Her blog has information on how to live a simple, safer and more natural lifestyle. She is author of Mindful Mami: Preparing for Pregnancy Labor and Beyond. She is also a freelance journalist writing for sites such as NaturalNews.com, MindBodyGreen.com and PowerofPositivity.com and has several articles published on various health topics. Victoria loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, crafting, writing and homeschooling her two children. You can visit her site at www.yogimami.com

Benefits of Yoga for children

Nowadays children live a fast paced lifestyle between busy parents, school, sports and other activities. It may not seem like it, but they are inundated with stresses such as peer pressure, competition, over stimulation and many are struggling to find… 0 Shares |

How to make your own Electrolyte Solution and avoid toxic chemicals, dyes and additives

Popular electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade are full of refined sugars, artificial flavorings, food dyes and chemicals- including a flame retardant. Yep! You read that correctly, Brominated Vegetable Oil has been patented in Europe as a flame retardant… 0 Shares |

Looking to nourish the mind, body, and soul? Here are 5 healthy habits to practice!

For many people taking small steps toward better health helps to make change easier to accept. Incorporating any of these nourishing changes into ones lifestyle is another way to encourage well-being and promote vitality. No matter how busy one’s schedule… 0 Shares |