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William Tucker is the co-owner of Living Clean, LLC and the Vice President of D&Y Laboratories, Inc. "As with science," he states, "journalism and reporting must ultimately hinge on truth, based on fact and supported with actual evidence. As Galileo Galilei famously stated, 'In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.' All reporting should be questioned, including my own." Visit William's websites at LivingClean.com and DoubleHelixWater.org

“Orthorexia nervosa” – a veiled attack on your health

“Orthorexia nervosa” is the psychiatric industry’s veiled attack on organic food, your health, and the organic food movement. Concerned about toxic and unhealthy ingredients in your food?  You may suffer from “orthorexia.” A more precise definition of “orthorexia nervosa” is… 0 Shares |