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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

With the increased emphasis on the importance of drinking water to the health of the human body, the discussion is not only on the quantity of the water to take but more on its quality. Under this new aspect, the… 0 Shares |

Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Frequent headaches? Putting on weight? Feeling down all the time? Have you thought that it’s not a mysterious illness, but simply your lifestyle? How about a change?   Drink lots of purified water How much water do you drink every… 0 Shares |

Top Tips for a Healthy Life

Many people talk about leading a healthier life, but only few really succeed to achieve it, especially because of seemingly small, yet very harmful habits like smoking, eating refined foods, consuming soft drinks and leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you… 0 Shares |

Top Wellness Trends for 2014

Health and wellness are topics that get a lot of press because so many people are interested in ways to live happier and longer. Whether you are looking to increase your activity level, eat healthier, de-stress your mind, improve your… 0 Shares |

Now You Can Carry Your Pregnancy Like a Queen: 3 Common Pregnancy Discomforts and Their Remedies

A lot of women cannot wait for that ‘OMG’ moment when the pregnancy test results say ´Darling, you are about to become a new mother’. But then, those moments don’t last for too long; replaced of course by the emotional… 0 Shares |

The Under Achiever’s Guide to Weight Loss

I used to think that I could eat the entire family size bag of pretzel M&Ms in one sitting just because I worked out that day. Ten pounds and countless raised eyebrows later, I finally heard the hard truth from… 0 Shares |

A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Smart

We’re much smarter about the food industry now than 15 years ago. Before eye-opening exposés like Super-Size Me and Food Inc…before we knew that perfectly sweet strawberries year-round came with a price tag more than $2.99 per box, diseases like… 0 Shares |

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

My mother died of pancreatic cancer when I was 17. My father passed from lung cancer nearly 30 years later. These losses alone—not to mention those in my husband’s family—were enough to make me more cognoscente of what our family… 0 Shares |

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water & Boosting Your Energy

The human body acts like a machine and needs to be powered by an energy source in order to operate effectively. Continued medical and scientific research continues to indicate that water is important in the running of bodily functions as… 0 Shares |

Understanding the Alleged Health Benefits of Water Ionizers

In the world of the health fanatic – which, in fact, is a world that should touch us all – any new thing with the potential to make us healthier should be looked at closely. So much of our health… 0 Shares |