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Shakti Mhi has taught yoga and managed yoga centers for three decades in different countries. She has been dividing her time between teaching yoga classes and training teachers. Eventually, Shakti decided to completely devote her time to training teachers so the spread of the spiritual path of yoga would continue and wouldn’t disappear amidst the trends of western yoga. From living in a Yoga ashram in India, to spending a year in contemplation in a middle-eastern desert, as well as taking advanced training at Yoga centres from a number of Hatha-based traditions, Shakti’s knowledge base is extraordinary. Shakti passes on this knowledge through the ancient medium of direct teacher-student connection, as well as through the new mediums of online forums and published literature. Shakti was recently honoured with an Honorary Life Membership in the World Yoga Council.

Why do so many women sacrifice their health for the sake of having a baby?

On any day ‘she’ could be close, around the corner, standing nearby – a woman of any age between 28 to 48 years old. And what distinguishes her is a subtle sadness in her eyes from a deep longing to… 0 Shares |

The Heights of the Fall By Shakti Mhi

The Fall My body was in motion, falling 30 feet down. As I fell, time didn’t slow down, it simply stopped. Maybe because I fell at the speed of light 😉 or maybe when you take off from your usual… 0 Shares |