The Heights of the Fall By Shakti Mhi


The Fall

My body was in motion, falling 30 feet down.

As I fell, time didn’t slow down, it simply stopped. Maybe because I fell at the speed of light 😉 or maybe when you take off from your usual orbit the laws of nature cease to exist.

As I was in the air I was very clear and very relaxed. I thought: “Is this going to be the end?” I felt a bit disappointed as I was in the middle of teaching a yoga teacher training program, and I had a few things to do in my life. I didn’t resist the fall with my body. I let my body fall like a heavy pillow and I hit the rock on the ground. The impact was incredible: bones and flesh hitting the ground at a speed that is only meant for diving birds. I lost my breath but not my consciousness. I watched my body in its stillness; no air moved in or out. I knew at this moment I was entering a new era of my existence, but I wasn’t sure yet if it was in the form of death or a new kind of life. I wondered if the reason I was not breathing was because one of my ribs had pierced my lung. I decided to gather all the energy that was left in my broken body and force a deep inhale into my shocked lungs. There is a good reason why it says in Zen “If you are aware of your breath you are aware of the moment.” I guess the last time I had been forced to inhale so intensely was when I was born. I felt so much joy when my lungs started to move, vacuuming the air in.

The Aftermath

I knew my spine was broken, so my next thought was: “Am I paralyzed?” I searched for my toes; it wasn’t easy to map them in my brain. I was determined to find the group of muscles responsible for moving my toes. I did; they moved and I was in bliss. Then I checked my legs and was thrilled to feel them moving. My left hand was lying beside me with no life in it. Broken bones were exposed to the air covered with a jungle of dark mud. I thought of the long journey before me: I was on a small island off the main coast of Thailand that did not have any medical facilities and the only way back was on a tiny boat on a stormy ocean. Honoring my practice, I knew there was only one way for me to go through the ordeal: being in the moment. Lying on the ground waiting for an emergency team to arrive, I had to restrain my mind from leaving the moment and wildly galloping into the unbounded desert of fears, doubts, worries, and the replay of moments that had past. I needed to be one hundred
percent focused, tuned in, and crystal clear. I couldn’t afford to lose any energy by letting my mind wander outside of the moment.

Great people carried me from the jungle to the beach, and the pain was unbearable. I knew if I identified with the pain it would swallow me alive and I would lose consciousness. So I started to say loudly, “I am not this body and this pain is not me.” I kept repeating it as a mantra until I established a state were I was fully able to watch the pain, knowing it was in my body and know that it was not me. It helped me to manage the pain as a separate thing from my self. When I was informed that it would take some time for the speed boat to arrive, I started to chant like there would be no tomorrow. I chanted so loudly that people started to move towards the beach thinking maybe there was a Satsang going on. I couldn’t understand where this powerful voice came from in my broken bleeding body. But I didn’t care: my intense chanting established life in my injured body by evoking Prana and circulating it in my physical and energy bodies.

And the journey began . . . endless moments of awareness, bliss and gratitude for being alive.

When I arrived to the hospital a few hours later, I was informed that it would take another six hours for the surgeon to fly in from Bangkok. I asked Daniel to remove the big clock from the wall across from my bed as I needed to bend time to my own terms to survive the long wait.

The next thing I heard was the surgeon explaining how serious the injury was.

He suggested surgery for my spine. I went within my self, and came back with an assertive command not to touch my spine, just to care for my hand. They respected my wish but didn’t support it.

What made this experience so powerful and spiritual is that I was forced to immerse fully into the moment and move beyond space and time, move beyond all concepts of pain and pleasure, of good and bad. I experienced each moment as it was.

Another great aspect of my injury was watching the power of the mind when it was guided with intuition and cleared of all fears. My mind and I decided not to let any predictable diagnoses and bad news from the professional medical staff to stop us from being creative in our dance of healing. Meditation, visualization, loud affirmations when alone in my room, and tons of humor were my every day and night yoga practice. I was talking to my body and guiding it gently as it found its way back to a place of balance and health.

I refused to remain on morphine (even though it was really fun) and instead I was exercised changing the concept of pain into pleasure; after all, it is only a concept.

Long Distance Healing

It is important for people to know that because we are all connected to each other on the energy level, healing from a distance works greatly and is easily felt. Right after my event, many people in Thailand including teachers, students, yogis, and friends were meditating and sending powerful energy to encourage rapid healing. Very quickly, the news flew to many places, from India to Vancouver and beyond, and great people kept sending more and more energy to me. I was lying in my room in the hospital and felt strong vibrations moving along my spine with a great gold color, healing my broken bones. Even though I was isolated I felt connected to an ocean of high frequency vibrations. I could physically feel streams of energy entering my body from outside of me. I owe my rapid healing to all the people that sent this wonderful loving energy. Sometimes the energy felt so intense that I burst into tears of bliss and gratitude.

Thank you all.

Meeting Remarkable People

The events of my fall unfolded a lot of beauty and great moments. One of the great aspects of this event is that it brought inspiring healers along my way. It is important to remember that holistic ancient knowledge is vast and available for the one in need. If you reach out to it when you are in need you will be able to heal yourself without any damage or side effects.

I was amused by how my body reacted so openly and with joy to the various treatments I received*. All treatments should be enhanced with an excited attitude that you are doing the best for your body. If you are skeptical and not open to certain forms of treatment you undergo, you are draining the energy of the treatments. Some people mention that because I am so enthusiastic about all my treatments I heal so quickly; maybe my healing is partially a placebo. At the end of the day, who really cares what heals us. I am definitely recharging all of my treatments with my own energy and empowering them with my own mind. We must take responsibility and be fully involved in all of our healing. Otherwise our bodies are like cars that get fixed up in a shop.

* I received Ayurveda, Acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic care, but try what works for you.

With love and gratitude
Shakti Mhi

Shakti Mhi
Shakti Mhi has taught yoga and managed yoga centers for three decades in different countries. She has been dividing her time between teaching yoga classes and training teachers. Eventually, Shakti decided to completely devote her time to training teachers so the spread of the spiritual path of yoga would continue and wouldn’t disappear amidst the trends of western yoga. From living in a Yoga ashram in India, to spending a year in contemplation in a middle-eastern desert, as well as taking advanced training at Yoga centres from a number of Hatha-based traditions, Shakti’s knowledge base is extraordinary. Shakti passes on this knowledge through the ancient medium of direct teacher-student connection, as well as through the new mediums of online forums and published literature. Shakti was recently honoured with an Honorary Life Membership in the World Yoga Council.