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Nabin loves to travel to the mountains and is passionate about music, movies, literature and computer science. An experience writer on the web, he's the founder of sites such as Celebspouse and Photogaatha.

10 Real Ways To Improve The Capabilities Of Your Brain

Have you ever pondered to unlock the preternatural power of your brain? Ever get abashed by your silly remarks, thinking before blinking, by your friends? Don’t worry. With some simple tweaks and tricks, you can regain the acuity of your… 0 Shares |

10 Easy To Prepare Juice Recipes With Great Health Benefits

What better way to start your day than with a glass of fresh juice out of your fridge? Within moments of drinking it, you can feel completely refreshed. Also, with lots of fruits and vegetables readily available, you can make… 0 Shares |

10 Tips For House Maintenance Free Of Hassle

Owning a house is a huge responsibility. There are so many things to take care of, so that house maintenance becomes very daunting. However tedious these tasks may be, however, they do have many benefits that make them worth your… 0 Shares |

8 Ways To Remove Calluses Naturally

Calluses are areas of thickened, hardened and dry skin that appear when that area is subject to too much pressure or friction. Since our feet are subject to repeated contact during our frequent walking, that is where calluses most frequently… 0 Shares |