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I love Herbalism with a passion! I believe in becoming conscious of all personal habits and their relation to overall health, not just for physical and mental well-being but also for Spiritual Well-Being. I am constantly learning, and love to share and exchange knowledge with others. I love to aid others, in recovering from and preventing disease. I give one on one guidance, about ways to implement Sustainable Balanced and Positive Change into Your Individual Health and Spiritual lifestyle. I am not religious, I am Spiritually driven. I am on a mission to help others, on their journey, as we are all part of one source. I Bring Balance to situations which call for it. I do not rest on my laurels, but neither do I push my beliefs on others. I believe if people are properly informed they will naturally gravitate towards the right choice, as we are currently in a new state of consciousness which is continuously evolving. To Contact me about our team's Services, Email me at [email protected] to find out more about projects involving Mind, Body and Spirit! In the Subject Line Put "Natural Spirit" Enjoy!

4 Herbal Remedies for Home Use

Different Methods of Treatment Using Herbal Remedies Topically – Applied directly to wounds or used in a poultice (a soft, moist mass of material, typically of plant material, applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation and kept in… 0 Shares |

4 Natural Solutions For Arthritis

  “The weather is changing, I can feel it in my bones…” Cherries or Cherry Juice Most people may have heard of this particular remedy or solution before, however tart cherries and tart cherry juice have been clinically shown to… 0 Shares |

Finding the Healing Balance Within Nature!

Pharmaceutical Companies  In today’s world of processed foods, that include but are not limited to, artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, pesticides, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified organisms(GM​Os) and much more, it’s no wonder that disease and disabilities have become so rampant.… 0 Shares |