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I have been interested in alternative health and optimum diet for years now, since I was in my teens. As a woman also fascinated by fashion and hair health (visit my site hairspiration.net) I began researching various diets a few years ago and happened upon the concept of Paleo eating. Personally since beginning the plan, which allows for no processed foods, I feel much better in myself. Many people do think however that Paleo is boring and too restrictive so I write about the interesting and tasty side of paleo eating as well as all of the positive benefits it offers for your overall body, hair, skin and nails.

Pets and Paleo – Fluffy and Fido Can Benefit Too!

In many ways cats and dogs already lead the ideal lifestyle in many people’s opinions. They don’t have jobs, or mortgages and for the most part don’t even have to deal with the hassles of kids too often. They sleep… 0 Shares |

Tasty Paleo Dinners in Five Minutes – It Really Is Possible!

One big gripe that many people have about following a Paleo eating plan is that the food simply takes too long to prepare. As processed foods are banned on the diet, that can certainly be true, and let’s face it,… 0 Shares |

Desserts on the Paleo Diet – Yes They Exist and they are Delicious

The Paleo diet is designed to be a healthy one, healthier than the average diet anyway, but contrary to what many people think it is not terribly boring and although junk foods – as in processed foods – are a… 0 Shares |

Paleo Diet Critics – Do They Have a Point?

Like any other eating plan or ‘diet’, the Paleo eating plan certainly has its fair share of critics, especially recently. As someone who follows the plan, and does advocate that others at least give it a try, I feel like… 0 Shares |

Solving a Paleo Pizza Craving Crisis with Cauliflower

When I first began investigating the idea of adopting a Paleo diet – that is, one that includes no grains, no processed foods and in most cases, no dairy products, eating like a caveman basically – I like all of… 0 Shares |