August update, Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast


The Earthworks course initiated the first week of August. As we were not undertaking a major Earthworks project on the property, everyone had a look at works already done on the property and a dam being dug elsewhere. Contour and surveying was taught and some practical experience had. The plants planted on the new swale were also looked at, and Tom explained the multiple purposes of the plants, including erosion control on the swale mounds.

After Earthworks we launched straight into the Urban Permaculture course. Anne Gibson taught 2 days of container gardening and small space solutions, as well as a practical potting mix experience. Tom followed on with tours of Urban Permaculture places in the area and the students then made a herb spiral on our future Urban Permaculture demonstration site.

Paul Taylor then joined us for a week to teach his Sustainable Soil Management course. Everyone really enjoyed the information intense and practical week, especially the spraying of the bio-fertiliser!

This was then followed by a week of the Biogas project, in which interns and students rendered the inside of the Biodigester. The dome and the inlet and outlet were built and rendered. Still more work to be done on it, but it is looking great already! (Article to come…)

During these weeks interns still had time to plant beds with sweet potatoes and carrots, look after the animals and paint the outhouse! (We are lucky to have such extremely productive and industrious interns and volunteers here at PRI Sunshine Coast!)

Tom and our interns then left for Zaytuna farm where Tom is teaching PRI Australia’s interns for two weeks.

Later this month Tom will be teaching the last Permaculture Design Certificate course for this year. Places are still available to learn from the lifelong agriculturalist who walks the talk.

For people who are aware of the need for change in the world, the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast is an educational facility that encourages change to a sustainable, self reliant and abundant lifestyle to benefit self, others and the earth. PRI-SC combines Bill Mollison’s and Geoff Lawton’s teachings with Tom Kendall’s lifelong agricultural and self reliance experience, without any spiritual connotations.

“A great way to get your head around the whole Permaculture approach with a wealth of practical information included. Tom’s practical background adds a lot to the credibility of the material. I will recommend it strongly to anyone looking to do a PDC!”
– PDC Student June 2013

"WOW, what an amazing place you have here! I am so grateful for the experience of staying with you and seeing REAL Permaculture in action. You guys really do live the Permaculture way and are an incredible inspiration. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD :)"
– Andrew Cameron, a PDC graduate wwoofing with us.