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For people who are aware of the need for change in the world, the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast is an educational facility that encourages change to a sustainable, self reliant and abundant lifestyle to benefit self, others and the earth. PRI-SC combines Bill Mollison’s and Geoff Lawton’s teachings with Tom Kendall’s lifelong agricultural and self reliance experience, without any spiritual connotations. “A great way to get your head around the whole Permaculture approach with a wealth of practical information included. Tom’s practical background adds a lot to the credibility of the material. I will recommend it strongly to anyone looking to do a PDC!” – PDC Student June 2013 "WOW, what an amazing place you have here! I am so grateful for the experience of staying with you and seeing REAL Permaculture in action. You guys really do live the Permaculture way and are an incredible inspiration. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD :)" – Andrew Cameron, a PDC graduate wwoofing with us.

Grey water grease trap

Slightly downhill and about 20 metres away from the sink at our student space (which is now our main eating area), our wonderful long term volunteer Dani implemented a worm farm grease trap design.     Tom got a black… 0 Shares |

August update, Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast

The Earthworks course initiated the first week of August. As we were not undertaking a major Earthworks project on the property, everyone had a look at works already done on the property and a dam being dug elsewhere. Contour and… 0 Shares |