Alternatives for Bathroom Tissue Paper


One of the most important hygiene products known to modern-day mankind is bathroom tissue paper; or in other words toilet paper. This is because toilet paper is a product that is used by both men and women upwards of up to 4 maybe 5 times a day. Not to mention depending upon the thickness and even texture a lot of tissue paper may have to be used at one time. However there are a few techniques for not only reducing the amount of toilet paper needed at one time but how to maintain cleanliness without toilet paper altogether if the occasion were to ever occur.  Here are some great natural and organic alternatives for bathroom tissue paper.

Worth mentioning first are the simple techniques that may help to reduce the amount of toilet paper needed at one time. For example, by maintaining a healthy and proper diet individuals decrease the amount of toilet paper needed per use. This is because high amounts of fiber help to pass bowel movements without the need of much tissue paper much similar to how cats and dogs lack the need of tissue paper. Another technique to reduce the amount of tissue paper needed is the age-old tradition of squatting. For centuries mankind squatted during bowel movements but has discontinued this fashion due to modern-day latrine designs.

In case the occasion were to occur and tissue paper is not available than using a cloth or type of rag will also work as an alternative. Strips of clothing will also work as well however they will need to be cleansed thoroughly after every use. Economically speaking washcloths, rags, and strips of clothing work great because they will last much longer in comparison to dissolvable tissue paper.

A bidet, or European style toilet, is a new modern way of reducing the need for tissue paper and replacing it with water instead. Traditionally mankind has used water as an alternative to tissue paper if none were available and still does to this day. Thankfully due to the advancement in technology mankind now has the benefit of choosing the temperature of the water used through their bidet to aid for better comfort in retrospect to the old days.

In some instances, such as during camping, strips of cloth, tissue paper, and even water may be scarce or nonexistent. If this occurs than there are various natural and organic alternatives that can be found throughout the forest and wilderness that will work in replacement. Some such alternatives are moss, corn, corn husks, and sticks and stones. If some items can be collected to be used as an alternative to tissue paper than the best items to use are strips of newspaper, coffee filters, pages from a phonebook, and even bills.



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