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Most prescription and over-the-counter medications and alternative treatment for acne have one major downfall in that they leave a person’s skin red, dry, and unsightly for weeks, if not months. While this is all part of the “healing” process, it can be devastating to the person living with acne who now has to deal with yet another major problem, especially when acne affects the face. To avoid additional issues like this, many people have begun the process of searching for natural acne cures.

Although it might take a little bit of time and effort to find several possible acne cures made with only natural ingredients, it would be an investment worth making. Keep in mind that it is common for someone with acne to try more than one cure before finding the exact one that works best and produces the least amount of side effects so during the journey, it is important to stay focused and not become frustrated.

In addition to finding virtually hundreds of natural acne cures online, there are some amazing information in holistic and homeopathic books but the information could also be obtained from a holistic or homeopathic doctor, or if preferred, a herbalist. However, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide examples of the type of natural acne cures a person would discover, with those listed below being among the most popular because of the results produced.

Alternative Treatments For Acne

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient has received a lot of attention in the past few years because of new medicinal purposes that it can be used for, one being acne. There are several application processes that work but one in particular that people swear to is drinking one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in water daily and rubbing undiluted vinegar directly onto the affected skin. In most cases, some degree of improvement is noticed within a week.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is commonly used for making baked goods but it has also been recognized as being among the most effective natural acne cures. To get the outcome wanted, the paste would be made out of baking soda and water. This paste would then be applied to the skin and used as a natural facial cleanser once in the morning and once again at night. In addition to being a cost-efficient solution, baking soda does not burn or dry skin out yet it does help reduce the size and appearance of acne.

Blackstrap Molasses and Honey

For anyone interested in using this ingredient in the fight against acne, it is important that only the highest quality of blackstrap molasses and honey be purchased. Interestingly, both blackstrap molasses and honey have been used for quite some time to help with this skin condition, making it another one of the more popular acne cures using natural ingredients.

For this, mix one tablespoon of molasses and one tablespoon honey, followed by adding just a few drops of warm water for blending. This mixture would then be applied to the skin, left on for 30 minutes, and then rinsed off using cold water. In addition to reducing the effects of acne, blackstrap molasses and honey extracts dirt and bacteria from pores, helps control oil, and leaves a person’s face feeling soft and looking vibrant.

Special Carrot Juice Mixture

Not only is this unique mixture of natural ingredients another one of the popular acne cures that people use, it promotes good health and tastes delicious. One eight to the ten-ounce glass of this concoction would be consumed daily and because of the ingredients, it contains, natural healing occurs to the skin. This means that while the mixture works great for current outbreaks it also helps prevent future acne problems.

To make this natural remedy, only organic fruits and vegetables should be used to include 6 carrots, one apple, one medium bunch of fresh parsley, and one piece of ginger about one-inch long. The carrots would be put through a juicer first, not a blender and minus the greens, followed by an apple cut into pieces and without seeds, the ginger, and the parsley. After juicing, the carrot mixture would be consumed immediately. A larger quantity can be made but any juice would need to be consumed within a 24-hour period after being made.
Coconut Oil

Many people are surprised to learn that coconut oil is another top choice for natural acne cures, thinking the oil would only intensify outbreaks but in truth, it works amazingly well. When organic coconut oil is applied once in the morning and once again at night after the face has been carefully cleansed, stubborn acne comes to the surface where impurities can be extracted and the sores to heal. Coconut oil also provides some nourishment and leaves the skin soft. In most cases, improvement is seen in about seven days.

Tips for Preventing and Curing Acne

In addition to the examples of acne cures listed above, we wanted to offer a few tips that would help cure existing acne and prevent outbreaks in the future. Using these tips along with natural cures is what provides people the relief from this skin condition wanted.

Face should always be cleaned twice opposed to once at any given time
When rinsing the face, use cold water and use twice the amount of water than usual
The skin should be exfoliated once a week
Water used to clean and rinse skin should be purified, which is easy with a water filter added to bathroom faucets
When plucking eyebrows, the skin should first be sanitized with alcohol, tweezers should always be sanitized, and skin again sanitized when done in that this process creates an opportunity for bacteria
Pillowcases should be changed every two to three days
Home and cell phones should be sprayed with disinfectant daily
Hands should be washed after petting or playing with pets
Only natural, water-based or acne-formula makeup should be used

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