In the age of information, why are you still in the dark?


If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Chinese Proverb

I remember watching Jack Lalanne on black and white TV with my Mother when I was a small child. We would get our dining room chairs and follow along with him. His exercise show ran for 34 years. He was an incredible motivational speaker. The Jumping Jack was named after him. So was a juicer. Jack’s message was timeless and inspirational. It wasn’t about politics or money. It was hard not to be inspired. He lived his message and shared it passionately and freely. You just had to get up and move.

And who could forget that jumpsuit and those ballet flats . . . (premiere TV episode below)

In 1984, to celebrate his 70th birthday, Jack LaLanne towed 70 rowboats, holding 70 people, 1.5 miles, while shackled and handcuffed, from Long Beach Harbor to the Queensway Bridge in Long Beach California. One of his favorite expressions was “I can’t die. It would ruin my image!”

How many medical doctors could do that at age 70? Could your cardiologist? Your oncologist? And yet, these are the people you trust with your life. But do they do what they’re telling you to do? More importantly, are they filled with vibrant energy? Do they inspire you with stories of their patients who have changed their lifestyle and gotten off blood pressure medications, deadly statin drugs, and beat cancer without surgery, medication, or radiation?

I didn’t think so.

Jack’s lifestyle was congruent with his message. Anyone can be a life/health coach these days, but that doesn’t make someone a sage. A true sage actually lives his realization; attends his own lecture.

Why is it that people wait until they get sick to care about their health? And why do they seek answers from those who discount anything to do with lifestyle changes as quackery; despite the overwhelming research to the contrary? Do you honestly believe that what you eat has nothing to do with your digestive issues? Why is it that we still believe that someone with a medical degree is superior to our own intuition? Despite literally hundred of thousands of credible, scientific, published research studies, why does so little of it get put into practice? Are you aware that the third leading cause of death in America is “iatrogenic” aka death by medical error—which means about a quarter of a million people die every year at the hands of their physician?

Meanwhile your “doctor” spends on average 7 minutes assessing your symptoms but ignoring the root cause. If your smoke alarm goes off, it alerts you to take action because your attention is necessary to save your life. You have to act; you have to do something. You can hit the reset button to silence the annoying alarm, or you can find the source of the fire before it consumes you. The same is true of inflammation, heart disease or cancer.

Despite the fact that we know how to prevent and reverse heart disease, it has remained the number one leading cause of death for decades. Dr. Dean Ornish published a landmark heart disease and lifestyle study in July of 1990 in the prestigious Lancet medical journal, proving that heart disease could not only be prevented but also reversed without surgery or lipid lowering medication. (link below) Yet, most people are put on blood pressure medication and statin drugs instead. But wait—our protective Centers for Disease Control have our backs right? Or not . . . perhaps there is more profit to be made from drugs than a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps we are finally awakening.

“There’s more politics in medicine than there is in politics.”
Dr. Tom Levy (from the Live Longer Feel Better documentary)

How many more people have to die of cancer before we realize that it can be reversed with lifestyle changes? The science is there and so are the people who beat it. And yet day after day, another friend, another co-worker, is diagnosed and begins the cut, burn, poison routine. Currently, I in 3 women, and 1 in 2 men will get cancer. And none of them will have any idea that they have the power within them to not only overcome it, but to thrive.

Knowledge is power, but it’s potential power. It only truly empowers you when you take inspired action to implement it. Find your truth, do the research– so you can not only live disease free, but also thrive!

There’s never been a better time to see the Light.



Jack Lalanne

Death by Physician

Dr. Ornish

Dr. Tom Levy

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