9/11: Connect the Dots, The Picture Appears


“Even if you are a minority of one; the truth is still the truth” – Mahatma Gandhi

Do Americans even care about 9/11 anymore? Or have they become so apathetic that it doesn’t even bother them to know that their elected officials continue to lie about the greatest atrocity ever perpetrated on American soil?

Shouldn’t it raise the ire of millions knowing that the mendacious claptrap of ’19 Arabs with box-cutters outwitting the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in known human history’ continues to be taught to our children in school, despite all of the evidence demolishing the story’s credibility?

Shouldn’t our resolve to find the guilty party be eternally strong and never-ending? One would think this should be the case.

It has now been almost 18 years since that fateful day, and in that time many people have worked tirelessly to prove not only why the official story cannot possibly be true, but also, who it was that really carried out the attacks. It is in this latter part that honest truth-seekers encounter the most resistance and hostility.

It is no longer a mystery who orchestrated the attack. Israel is the only country that had the means and motive to do so.

At every critical juncture throughout the entire 9/11 saga – from the planning and preparation, to the operation itself and the subsequent cover up – we find highly-placed Israeli agents. The preponderance of evidence proving Israel’s guilt is truly voluminous and greatly in excess of anything ever produced (zilch) insinuating the guilt of Afghanistan or Iraq, two countries upon which we had no problem waging illegal wars of aggression. For the sake of brevity I will outline only a few salient facts here:

We know that the Twin Towers were owned by dedicated Israel-firsters Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy. They purchased the asbestos-riddled towers in June of 2001 and obtained a 99-year lease that included a reworked insurance policy doubling their coverage in the event of a terrorist attack. Silverstein is a close personal friend of Israel’s corrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Frank Lowy was once a member of Israel’s Golani Brigade and the underground terrorist group Haganah.

We know that it was the chairman of New York’s Port Authority, Lewis Eisenberg, who ensured that Silverstein got the lease for the WTC. Both Silverstein and Eisenberg were board members of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) – a billion dollar Zionist ‘charity’ organization that raises hundreds of millions of dollars a year for its network of Zionist agencies in America and Israel.

We know that the security of the World Trade Center was run by Kroll Associates, known in some circles as ‘Wall Street’s CIA.’ Kroll Associates was owned by Jules Kroll and Maurice Greenberg. These men also owned the two companies that insured the WTC complex after Silverstein’s purchase, Ace Limited and Marsh McLennan. Kroll Associates employed ‘former’ top agents of Israel’s Mossad, Peter Zvi Malkin and Avraham Bendor, who just so happened to have purchased the contract for security at the WTC back in 1987 while working for a company called Atwell Security of Tel-Aviv. The contract was rescinded when members of the New York Port Authority learned that Bendor was convicted of murder back home in Israel.

We know that the man in charge of investigating the crime of 9/11, an investigation that was never to happen, was Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff. Chertoff is a dual-Israeli citizen and his mother was one of the first agents of the Mossad.

We know that the security at all of the airports involved on 9/11 was run by Huntleigh USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company ICTS International.

We know that all of the litigation surrounding the attacks wound up in the courtroom of Alvin K. Hellerstein, whose son, Joseph Hellerstein, worked for a law firm in Israel (Amit, Pollak & Matalon) that represented ICTS. Judge Hellerstein dismissed the key defendant and nothing was said about this glaring conflict of interest.

We know that in February 2002, British Intelligence reported that Israel’s Mossad was in charge of running the Arab hijacker cells that would be blamed for the attacks.

We know that a report issued weeks before 9/11 by the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) warned of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad: “Ruthless and cunning, with the capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian-Arab act.”

We know that Israeli dual-nationals had completely taken over the Bush administration’s foreign policy through a group of Neocons called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). PNAC released a document in September of 2000 called ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ which called for regime change in multiple countries in the Middle East. The document conceded that ”the process of change is likely to be a long one absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor. Exactly a year later they got what George W. Bush referred to at the time as a ‘new Pearl Harbor.’

We know that 5 Israelis were arrested immediately after the attacks and held for 71 days. According to ABC News, they were seen filming and celebrating as the first plane struck the tower. It was later revealed that two of the men – Sivan and Paul Kurzberg – worked for the Mossad, and the others – Yaron Schmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Maramari – had strong ties to the intelligence agency as well. They have since become known as the ‘Dancing Israelis.’

We know that the New Jersey-based company these men were working for, Urban Moving Systems, was a front for the Mossad. The Jewish weekly, The Forward, reported that Urban Moving Systems was known by the FBI to be a front for Israeli intelligence and Vince Cannistraro, a chief of counterterrorism operations with the CIA, added that within the intelligence community the company was a known Mossad operation. The company was suspected by agents of both agencies (FBI and CIA) of having been involved with moving explosives into the World Trade Center towers. After being interrogated once by the authorities the company’s owner, Dominic Suter, immediately closed up shop and fled back to Israel in such a haste that he neglected to even clean out his offices. When FBI agents searched his warehouse they found detonator caps, traces of anthrax, fertilizer and other chemicals used in making explosives.

We know that all of the men arrested for filming and celebrating the attack were held for 71 days and then released back to Israel on the say-so of Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff. Once back in Israel, they appeared on an Israeli T.V. show and spoke about their time in America. When asked what they were doing in such close proximity to the scene of the crime Oded Ellner replied: ”…Our purpose was to document the event.”

We know that ZIM shipping, a large Israeli company, had a 10,000 sq. ft. office in the North World Trade Center Tower. A week before 9/11, ZIM vacated their office, breaking their lease to do so. FBI agent Michael Dick, who was investigating Israeli spies thought to be involved in the attacks, began looking into ZIM. He was immediately relieved of his duties by…. Michael Chertoff.

We know that dual-Israeli citizen Phillip Zelikow was the man appointed by the Bush administration to be executive director of the 9/11 Commission. Zelikow’s 9/11 Commission Report was such a whitewash that even members of the commission staff spoke out against it saying, among other things, that it was set up to fail. It has also been revealed by fellow commission staffers that even before the commission began its ‘investigation’ Zelikow already had the report written almost entirely as it would eventually appear.

We know that the comptroller at the Pentagon at the time of 9/11 was an Israeli dual citizen named Dov Zakheim. It was under Zakheim’s watch that 2.3 trillion dollars went ‘missing’ from the Pentagon’s budget in the lead up to 9/11. Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference on September 10, 2001, announcing the ‘unaccounted for’ trillions. Whatever it was that hit the Pentagon a day later flew directly into the financial sector where accountants were working on tracking down the missing money.

We know that Benjamin Netanyahu’s good friend Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City for an almost unprecedented three terms after the attacks. The arch gun-grabber Bloomberg threatened the NYPD and NYFD with loss of pensions and employment if they spoke out about what happened that day; i.e. explosions in the towers, etc.

We know that at the time of 9/11 sophisticated spy software (Ptech) was on the networks of 18 federal agencies, including the FBI, FAA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Secret Service, NATO and many others. This is how the perpetrators were able to scramble the systems and nullify an appropriate military response. According to a December 11, 2000 article in the Washington Times, an Israeli named Amit Yoran “helped design the Pentagon’s computer security architecture.” Yoran worked for a company called Guardium which has close ties to Ptech and other known Israeli spy outlets like Amdocs and Nice Systems, both of which became famous in 2000-2001 for their involvement in an espionage network conducted by the Israeli military who were caught trying to infiltrate offices of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency while posing as art students.

Yoran and his brother Elad founded a computer hacking company called Riptech. Riptech ‘tests’ the security of computer networks by hacking into them. Riptech has cracked into power grids and other highly-secured cyber systems in America and Europe, and specializes in hacking into corporate computer networks. From 2003-2004 Amit Yoran was the Chief of Cyber Security for the DHS.

We know that Israeli spying of this magnitude is no secret. In a 2014 article in Newsweek magazine titled, ‘Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up’ journalist Jeff Stein reports:
“American counter-intelligence officials told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees at the end of January that Israel’s current espionage activities in America are “unrivaled and unseemly,” going far beyond the activities of other close allies”

And finally, we know that Israel has done this kind of thing to us before, most notably the attack on the U.S.S Liberty and the Lavon and Pollard Affairs.

In the years since 9/11 American troops have been engaged in wars against Middle Eastern countries that pose no threat to America and which secure absolutely no national interest. The cost of this open-ended War on Terror has bankrupted our country, and our young men and women continue to kill and be killed year after year for the benefit of Israel. These are the facts. It is an intolerable situation for anybody who cares about the health and well-being of our nation.

The previous information is but the tip of an iceberg that extends deep down into an ocean of unthinkable corruption, subversion and murderous intent. It is impossible for me to believe that the American people can no longer be bothered to care enough about this seminal event to not pursue this compelling data. Wars of wholesale annihilation continue to be fought in our name in places like Afghanistan and Iraq over their supposed involvement in 9/11, yet never has a single shred of evidence been produced to even hint at their guilt. Meanwhile, the evidence to prove Israeli involvement is shockingly strong and continues to mount.

Those who continue to cover up this evidence and prevent its dissemination are associates to the worst crime ever committed against American civilians.

How strange and sad it is that people can so easily point the finger of blame at all and sundry but have a much harder time pointing it at Israel, even when the evidence of their guilt is overwhelming. What other nation on earth is so spineless as to look the other way after such a devastating attack for fear of being politically incorrect, yet rushes to war against innocent countries on nothing more than the made up fantasies of their lying politicians and legacy media? This seems to be the reality of 21st century (Never Forget!) America, an amnesiac country incapable of connecting dots and too timid to investigate things for themselves.

As I pointed out at the beginning: At every critical juncture throughout the entire 9/11 saga we find Israelis or agents extremely dedicated to the Israeli cause. There are no Afghanis or Iraqis, Syrians or Libyans in any of the top positions necessary to perpetrate such an attack, or cover it up afterwards.

The fact that for 18 years the mainstream media in this country has failed to investigate the heinous crime of 9/11 shows that the media is controlled by the very same people responsible for the attack.

In December of 2001, FOX News anchor Carl Cameron produced a four part series detailing Israeli spying on America. The report was informative and something that should’ve been of interest to American citizens, as it drew important corollaries to 9/11. Apparently it was a bit too hot to handle however, and it was scrapped at the very last minute following ‘orders from on high.’ Luckily it can still be viewed on You Tube.

We can only hope that the lawsuit filed in March of this year by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, and 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine, will plumb the depths of this sensitive line of research and finally expose the true perpe-traitors for what they are. They seem to be on the right track by “seeking to force the FBI to assess and report the evidence it gathered during the detention of the five men [the aforementioned ‘dancing Israelis’]. The lawsuit also calls for the FBI to address evidence of the World Trade Center’s explosive demolition along with four other areas of unreported 9/11 evidence.”

In the forward to a book titled ‘The War of Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East’, ten year Marine Corps veteran and graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Alan Sabrosky, writes, “One thing is clear. Unless the American people understand what has really been happening in this gruesome War on Terror, and why, and the role Israel has played in it, they can never act to change things substantially.” Sabrosky is of Jewish extraction. So too is Richard Gage, the founder of ‘Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth’ who is doing so much to bring the reality of what actually transpired that day to light.

The work of these brave men and many others like them should prove that the issue we are dealing with here is not one of race or religion, but of a foreign nation that attacked a supposed ally as a pretext for waging war on its behalf, and one which needs to be held accountable for its transgressions. The oft-used trope of anti-Semitism in this case is just a useful way for the guilty party to cloak themselves in a veneer of immunity and remain above investigation. Let us not be intimidated into silence and allow this event’s impact to soften over time and become just another late-night television punchline like the ‘lone gunman’ canard of Dealy Plaza fame.

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