8 Useful Effects You may Get from eating Arugula – a Healthy Vegetable


Of all various kinds of vegetable, arugula seems to be very popular. In fact, arugula is a term indicating a leafy green plant which is packed with certain health-supporting substances. Therefore, it is easy to understand that arugula is a good addition to daily diet. According to scientific evidence, benefits of arugula usually include its ability to prevent cancer, support bone health and reduce weight number.

In this article, readers are provided with top 8 outstanding health benefits of arugular which have been proved instantly by scientific studies.

1. Cancer

Nowadays, one of the biggest killers all around the world is cancer. This disease has led to the death of thousands of people. Unlucky, cancer remained uncured. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cancer from its beginning. You may not know but among many foods to prevent cancerous cell development, arugula is popular. This effect is attributed to the appearance of phytochemicals – an element can neutralize cancer-causing agents in the body system. Results from many research have revealed that arugula can effectively fight against prostate, breast, colon and cervical cancers.

2. Antioxidant Qualities

In fact, antioxidant properties are the main factor which makes a great contribution to many benefits of arugula. To specify, powerful antioxidants in arugula can effectively increase ORAC value in people. For anyone who does not know, ORAC stands for Oxygen radical Absorbance Capacity – a method to estimate antioxidant strength. Result from many studies has revealed that antioxidants may naturally regulate enzyme balance reaction. What’s more, they take responsibility to identify and break free radicals causing many diseases. Additionally, arugula intake may foster the treatment of cancer, common cold, etc due to antioxidant power.

3.  Brain and Bone Health

Another popular benefits of arugula is to foster function of bone and brain. Facts have shown that a huge amount of vitamin K in arugula can serve as a perfect anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, arugula intake can result in a better health of bone. In reality, osteoporosis is a common dread which mainly happens in the old. Interestingly, arugula consumption is closely linked to effective prevention of osteoporosis. Moreover, vitamin K plays an important part in slowing down neural degradation. Thus, the habit of eating arugula can have positive influence on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Weight Loss

Another area which benefits of arugula can shine brightly is in weight loss process. As mentioned before, arugula has low content of calorie. Hence, arugula intake may leave positive influences on the effort of losing weight without producing any side effects.

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5. Immunity

One of the most typical benefits of arugula is enhancing the health of immune system. It is undeniable that immune system is really important as a well-functioning immunity may save people from dangerous attack of foreign invaders. Thank to a valuable source of vitamin C, arugula can aid in finding and eliminating free radicals before they do real damage. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals in arugula can result in immune system’s proper functions. Therefore, people may witness remarkable progress in their strength, durability.

6. Body Health

When it comes to benefits of arugula many people mention its ability to bring about a healthy body. Having an excellent source of vitamin A, arugula can support the function of many body parts. In particular, by eating arugula regularly, people can improve condition of bones, teeth and eyes effectively. Furthermore, flavonoid components in leaf vegetable including arugula may help with the fight against skin or lung cancer.

7. Metabolism

To foster metabolism process is among another benefits of arugula. In reality, the appearance of B-vitamins in arugula can benefit metabolism process a lot. By involving in almost all cell activities, B vitaminss may assist energy and red blood cell production, fat synthesis, etc effectively.

8. Eyesight

Arugula is packed with a powerhouse of carotenoids – the natural medicine which can improve people’s eyesight. For long, caratenoids are well-known for the ability to neutralize macular degeneration in which people’s central visual field may get compromised. In fact, macular degeneration can trigger cataracts – a common visual-related issue. Thus, in case you are looking for a good food for eye health, you should go for arugula.

In addition to these above beneficial effects, arugula can lead to many other health-supporting effects. In general, almost all people can well tolerate arugula intake. Therefore, you can consume this vegetable without feeling fearful about unwanted outcomes it brings about.





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