7 Surprising Health Benefits of Macademia Nuts


While macadamia nuts do not always get as much attention as, for instance, other nuts like almonds or cashews, they too are a nutritional powerhouse and well worth including in your diet. Apart from a fantastic, faintly sweet flavor, macadamias also offer you a range of health benefits, such as those discussed below.

Great Energy Source

If fatigue is a problem, macadamia nuts might well be the answer! They are a nutrient dense and rich source of energy, providing about 718 calories per every 100g serving. This is one of the most energy-rich nuts available and although it should be used in moderation because of this, it is still definitely worth considering.

High in Nutrients

Macadamia nuts are also one of the most nutrient-rich nuts on the planet. They contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals as well as good plant-based proteins, healthy fats and an array an antioxidants that can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.


Macadamia nuts are also incredibly high in fiber. A 100g gram serving of these nuts provides a whopping 8.6 grams of fiber, or about a quarter of recommended daily fiber intake. Fiber is great for improving overall digestion and also is wonderful aid to weight loss.

Gluten Free

Since macadamia nuts are naturally gluten free, they are a great choice for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. They are, in fact, used in many gluten-free products and are a healthy alternative for people with these digestive conditions.

Healthy Fats

Macadamia nuts are incredibly rich in monounsaturated fat like oleic acid (which is the same acid found in olives and olive oil). These fats actually help with weight loss by curbing the appetite naturally so you are less likely to overeat; they also can improve heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.

High Mineral Content

The high mineral content in these nuts also makes macadamias a good health choice. In one serving, you can get significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc as well as selenium, which has many cardio-protective properties.

Good Source of B-12

Apart from its minerals, fiber and protein, macadamia nuts are also a particularly good source of B-complex vitamins like niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. B-complex vitamins are important for energy levels, maintaining good neurological health as well as for metabolic functions.

In other words, macadamia nuts are one of the great unacknowledged superfoods. Their health benefits rest upon their incredible nutritional value and although they are a high-calorie food, it is important to remember that those calories are coming from plant-based proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. This all definitely qualifies macadamias for a place in any health-conscious diet.

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