7 Reasons Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than a Flu


The flu can be considered a serious illness with serious implications for those with a compromised immune system, elders over the age of 65, the chronically ill, young children and pregnant women.

You can support your immune system with many different natural foods and herbs that have antiviral properties including ginger, oregano oil, and garlic. It is possible to bolster your immune system naturally during the time when flu season is in full swing so why would you put yourself in the path of potential health danger?

If you still need convincing to help you avoid the vaccine, here are 7 critical reasons you should skip the flu shot:

Top 7 reasons to skip the flu shot

Flu vaccines contain mercury

The Flu vaccines consist of mercury, a substantial metal known to be perilous for human wellbeing. Mercury toxicity can cause memory loss, depression, ADD, oral health problems, digestive imbalances, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and many more such serious health ailments.

Its Overuse

Research shows that over-use of the flu-vaccine and drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza can actually alter flu viruses and cause them to mutate into a more deadly strain. Couple this with drug resistant strains and you have virtually no benefits with much risk.

Greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease

A study has shown that those that receive the flu vaccine for 3-5 years were ten times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Vascular disorders

Medical research shows flu shots are associated with an increased risk of vascular inflammation. Symptoms include fever, jaw pain, muscle aches, pain and stiffness in the neck, upper arms, shoulder and hips and headache.

Weakens immunological responses

There have been literally thousands of medical journal articles published that show injecting vaccines can lead to harmful immunological responses and a host of other infections. Moreover, weak immunological responses only decrease a person’s ability to fight the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against in the first place.

No benefits for infants and children

Scientific review of over 50 studies involving 260,000 children ages 6 to 23 months did not uncover any evidence that young children benefit from the flu vaccine. In fact, results showed the flu shot was no more effective than a placebo. Yet, at the same time, research has shown that the injection itself can lead to serious health complications in patients of any age. Problems have included infection, adverse immunological response and even death.

Category C

The flu vaccine has been officially classified as a Class C dry. Category C is for those drugs that have not had enough human or animal studies conducted to establish their safety, OR have shown adverse fetal effects in animals but there is little human data.

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