7 Plants that Repel Insects


If your home, yard or garden has been plagued by insects this summer, it may be tempting to reach for the traditional chemical pesticides in an attempt to get rid of them. But wait! There are plenty of plants that can help you repel these flying nuisances without having to poison your home to do it! Below are seven of them that can work wonders in your yard and garden.


Not only is this plant attractive, easy to grow and great in any number of dishes, its strong scent will repel pests like ants and mice. You can grow this in the garden, in containers on your porch or deck and put sprigs of it in doorways and windows to keep these pests away.


Long prized both for its culinary uses and its medicinal properties, basil is another plant that will act as a natural deterrent, especially to flies. Place pots of basil in your kitchen windows and also near any area where you do any grilling or outdoor cooking to have a wonderful, fly-free time.


Bay leaves are frequently used in soups, stews and crock pot recipes, but because of its strong, distinctive aroma, it too is great for also keeping insects away. Bay will work as a deterrent for all kind of insects, including moths, flies, roaches and earwigs and will also work on rodents like mice.


This fragrant member of the mint family may make your kitty go crazy, but it has just the opposite effect on bugs! Some studies have found that as a deterrent, it can be even better than DEET without having to expose your body to chemicals to keep you safe from flying pests.


Everyone has seen citronella candles in the store which are effective at keeping away mosquitoes and the like, but you can also buy the citronella plant itself and put it in pots on your porch or deck, wherever you want an outdoor space to be insect-free.

Lemon Balm

Like catnip, this is also a member of the mint family and has a creamy, lemony scent that humans love and insects hate! It is easy to grow and you can’t plant it in or around your patio for a natural insect repellant that is also beautiful and can be made into a wonderful summertime tea.


While lavender has long been prized by aroma-therapists for its calming scent, insects like mosquitoes and flies are not crazy about it and will stay away from any area where it is prevalent. It also can be used in sachets to protect your closets from moths.

So before you reach for a better for pesticides or insect repellents with who knows what in the bottle, consider a natural, healthy way to repel unwanted insects while at the same time beautifying your yard and garden with these lovely and useful plants.

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