6 Natural Herbs that Aid Weight Loss


It is estimated that now well over half of Americans are either overweight or obese, and with weight problems reaching epidemic proportions in this country, research into safe and natural weight loss aids is more important than ever. Below are some natural supplements that can help people struggling to shed those unwanted pounds.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is rich in natural chemicals called catechins, which are anti-oxidants that boost the metabolism and help the body to burn fat. One study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men who supplemented their diets with green tea extract lost more weight in three months than those who did not supplement.

Fish Oil

Fish oil helps in weight loss because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which alter the way the body uses fat: it prompts the body to burn the fat rather than storing it as unwanted pounds, according to a 2007 Australian study. The study found that, though the green tea extract by itself could help with this, it was especially effective when combined with three brisk walks a week.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid found naturally in the body, and it is believed to aid in weight loss by helping to curb the cravings a person feels when their blood sugar gets low. Glutamine helps to fuel the brain so that those hunger signals are diminished. Research done at Duke University Medical Center also suggests that weight loss might be helped by l-glutamine’s effects on calorie storage and conversion.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Not well known yet in West, this plant is a native of Indian and parts of Africa. Its molecules are similar to those of glucose and fool the body into thinking it has got a sugar fix, thus reducing the cravings for sweets. One study found that people who received this supplement did indeed report fewer “sweet tooth” urges and when offered snack foods, tended to consume fewer calories than the control group.


Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic and nature-based method of treatment practiced in India for centures, guggul is highly prized for its ability to treat arthritis pain, reduce cholesterol levels and help achieve a healthy body weight. A study from the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York found that patients given this supplement in combination with regular workouts lost more weight than their counterparts who did not.

Reishi Mushrooms

Highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these mushrooms help indirectly with weight loss through increasing strength and fighting fatigue. The logic is that patients who feel stronger and more energetic will have an easier time sticking with things like regular exercise programs which are so necessary for a healthy body weight.

Using these supplements to aid in weight loss could help many in this country who are struggling to take control of their weight. In doing so, it would have the potential to lower the risks of conditions like caner, diabetes and cardiac disease and make this country a healthier (and probably happier) place.

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