5 Easy and Creative Christmas Activities For Your Toddlers


It’s the holiday season, and we are all in the mood for some fun and cheer! The family            get-togethers, the delectable food and not to forget, the elaborate festive décor preparations – Ah, such bliss! It’s no secret that our kids look forward to Christmas mostly for Santa’s gifts and yummy treats. This year, let your toddlers bring out those colors, sparkles, paints to make Christmas even more enjoyable! Here are five creative activities for your kids to soak in the very merry Christmassy spirit.


  1. Play Dough Christmas Tree – Just how your house has a decked up Christmas tree, your little angel’s doll house needs one. Kids love play dough, and since it’s Christmas time, they are all in the mood to create festive magic with their hands. Bring out your box of old junk jewelry and give it to your daughter to deck up her play dough Christmas tree the way she likes it. Help her get the shape of the tree right and leave it to her to create the remaining piece of wonder.


  1. Hanging Snowman – Do you want to build a snowman? Ask your kids this and the answer will always be a yes! The hanging snowman is a fun Christmas decoration which is super quick and hassle free. Give your child two white paper plates and lend a hand with cutting one plate smaller than the other. Glue the edges of the plates together in a way that the smaller plate stands above the bigger plate. Now, ask him to draw the snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth and buttons using colored pens. Glue two ice cream sticks to the sides of the bigger plate as the snowman’s hands. Hang it onto a window with a thread or a ribbon. You can assist your child with reference images to help him observe and emulate.


  1. Hand(y) Wreath – Christmas is around the corner, and you surely have a stunning wreath hanging at your doorstep. Here’s a way you can help your kids make festive wreaths for their rooms. All you need is a large sheet of green chart paper, a red bow, glue and scissors. Ask your child to trace the outline of his hand on a chart paper and cut across the outline. He can repeat the same step 4-5 times until there are enough outlines of his hand. Help him glue the hand outlines to each other in a round shape. Add a pretty red bow to the wreath, and you’re done! You can also add on other embellishments.


  1. DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments – Oh, how we all love decorating Christmas trees! Heading out shopping for pretty ornaments is a definite ritual, every Christmas. Have you and your kids ever made them at home? It’s easy and a lot of fun! Take outline prints of Christmas ornaments like stockings, candy canes and gingerbread. Let your kids color them, sprinkle glitter on them and jazz them up with beads & stickers. Help them paste the paper on a cardboard and cut across its outline. Punch a hole on top and hang it on your tree with a sparkly ribbon. Your tree now has beautiful DIY ornaments and your kid, a contented smile on his face.


  1. Reindeer Art – Here’s a refreshingly simple activity which you can get your kids to try for Christmas. Take a brown chart paper or bag and let your child trace his foot on it. Now, ask him to trace both his hands separately on the paper. Help him cut across the traced outlines. Glue the hand outlines behind the outline of his foot. Stick two black buttons for the eyes of the reindeer and big red one for the nose. Draw a mouth with a red colored sketch pen. There goes! You have yet another piece of art that can go up your child’s wall of fame!


Your kids can also use the above ideas to make holiday greeting cards and gifts for relatives and friends. It’s always a pleasure to see kids getting creative; it’s even better to receive a handmade token of their love. Don’t you agree?

Aradhana Pandey
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