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I’m Aradhana. I am a passionate writer and love to write on topics like yoga, wellness, health and lifestyle. I believe good health is the key to success and happiness. Through my writings I love to motivate people to develop healthy habits and adopt natural ways of living to achieve sound health. In my free time I love to experiment on new cuisines and travelling.

Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Congratulations, dear parents! You crossed yet another year of parenting and you, for sure, deserve a pat on your backs. Parenting is a completely different challenge altogether, especially when it comes to keeping your kids’ tummies full. Some don’t like… 0 Shares |

From Fat to Slim: Full Body Workout for Women

When most people think of HIIT they think of it as applicable only for cardio, yet it can also be used in weight training. After all, weight training itself is a form of HIIT—you do a set with all-out effort,… 0 Shares |

Cardio and Lower Body Workout for Women At Home

Do you want to shed excess calories and give your body a new attractive shape? Are you afraid of spending a fortune to get a gym membership just because you are not sure if you will be able to pull… 0 Shares |

Top 7 Miscarriage Myths Debunked

A miscarriage can be one of the most heart-wrenching ordeals any woman could go through. With an estimated 15% pregnancies ending in a miscarriage, it is more common than most people realize. While there are many known reasons for a… 0 Shares |

Top 5 Things Probably You Didn’t Know About Motherhood

If you and your spouse have been considered getting pregnant, then know this – you’re embarking on one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. It is not always going to be easy, but it will be the most… 0 Shares |

New Year To Do’s For Expectant Parents

When you’re expecting to welcome a new person into your lives, you begin to truly understand what being over the moon is all about! No other joy in the world can make you happy, excited and nervous – all at… 0 Shares |

Top 7 Superfoods Your Pregnancy Diet Must Include

Pregnancy is the phase during which your body undergoes numerous physical, emotional and mental transitions. Of the many changes that you experience whilst your journey towards motherhood, your cravings and aversions towards certain foods are surely one of the most… 0 Shares |

5 Ways To Support Your Friend Suffering From Postpartum Depression

Sometimes, after a young mother comes back home cradling her darling little angel in her arms, she might not experience the same euphoria that she had expected. Instead of happiness breaking all bounds, she may be feeling exhausted, weepy or… 0 Shares |

5 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding Twins

Having a baby is both exciting and terrifying! You are blessed with a beautiful gift of life to treasure and nurture, and you worry yourself sick as you vow to protect him. Now, if you are having twins, the happiness,… 0 Shares |

5 Easy and Creative Christmas Activities For Your Toddlers

It’s the holiday season, and we are all in the mood for some fun and cheer! The family            get-togethers, the delectable food and not to forget, the elaborate festive décor preparations – Ah, such bliss! It’s no secret that our… 0 Shares |