5 Delicious Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure


Being diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure can change a lot about your lifestyle choices, including your diet. Doctors recommend changing your eating habits based on information provided by the National Institutes of Health. A diet consisting of nutrient rich, low sodium foods can help to lower high blood pressure.Changing ones eating habits can be tough, but with these recommendations flavor will still enlighten your taste buds and your heart will be very appreciative.

Bananas and the Power of Potassium

This simple yellow sweet fruit is both low in sodium and packed with potassium making bananas an essential food helping to lower blood pressure. According to Stephanie Dean, a registered dietitian at Baylor University, certain blood pressure medicines increase the need for potassium. A lack of potassium will impact both muscles and heart rate.Bananas can be eaten a variety of ways. They can be add to your cereals, fruit salads, sautéed, and pureed with yogurt to make smoothies.

Fresh and Dried Herbs

Making your own seasoning blends can also enhance any dish. Most seasoning blends in the grocery store have high amounts of salt keeping them out of the hands of people with low sodium diet restrictions. Fresh or dried herbs and spices usually contain no salt. Basil, sage, cilantro and oregano are a few common fresh herbs found in most markets. They can be mixed with tasty spices like ground mustard, smoked paprika or ground ginger to add a punch to pastas, fish and veggies that would make any foodie jealous.

The Power of Cinnamon

Sautéing bananas was mentioned earlier. Add a little cinnamon to the bananas to give them a savory and sweet flavor. Cinnamon has recently been recognized for its ability to control cholesterol levels. The possibilities with cinnamon in culinary uses are limitless. Add it to coffee, oatmeal, spice blends or live a little risky by mixing it with cardamon and fennel for a tasty rub for fish or tofu.

Salmon, Trout and other Fresh Fish

Most fresh fish is a great source for vitamin D, which is essential for helping lower blood pressure. Salomon and trouts have a great natural flavor and can be taken to the next level by adding a little garlic, lemon, and cracked pepper. Fresh fish is also simple to prepare and only takes a few minutes to grill or bake.

Oats and Fiber

Oatmeal and oat bran’s high fiber content provide a variety of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and assisting with digestion. They also make delicious breakfast and dessert foods. A bran muffin, bran pancakes and hot cereal are a few flavor rich low sodium foods that the oat family provides. Adding fresh fruit to these foods adds flavor variety and more health benefits

Planning menus that meet diet recommendations for hypertension is not only easy, it can also be flavorful and fun. None of the enjoyment of eating has to be missed and your heart will be forever thankful. Taking the steps to educate oneself about food preparations that meet the necessary changes in ones diet will not only increase ones health, but also the satisfaction one gets from life.

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