4 Reasons not to drink smoothies


Let’s face it, most smoothies are delicious. Some even taste like a delightfully sweet cocktail or even a dessert. Like most things that delight the taste buds, smoothies aren’t always great for your health.

Now I know this runs against the accepted wisdom out there. People have entire blogs dedicated to smoothie making. But sometimes I just think the whole thing is sort of getting out of control.

So to be clear, this is not to say that all smoothies are bad for your health. In fact, I think there’s a proper place and time for smoothie consumption; however, fueled by the wrong motivations smoothies can get out of hand – and I feel like they have gotten out of hand for some people that I know.

Do not despair smoothieaholics, you can still enjoy your delectable treat in moderation, but the following factors are things you should take into consideration when sipping away at your favorite smoothie. Here are 5 reasons not to drink smoothies:

1. Don’t Have Smoothies As A Drink To Accompany A Meal

The Problem

If you are trying to watch your calorie count, having a smoothie as a beverage with a meal is a great way to blow it. The average pint-size smoothie with fruit only starts with 218 calories. This is before you add in protein, dairy or any of that other tasty stuff.

What You Can Do Instead

Rather than having a smoothie as a side beverage enjoy it as a dessert, snack or even a meal. Also, when creating your smoothie keep calories in mind. Just because it’s fruit doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain a whole lot of sugar and calories!

2. Don’t Drink Smoothies Because You Think It’ll Produce Weight Loss Miracles

The Problem

The secret to weight loss is simple. You burn more calories than you consume. This doesn’t mean you should not consume complete crap, because to avoid things like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health problems it is imperative to have a nutritional diet. At the same time, you can lose weight just eating pizza if you eat the right amount of calories of it. Do not fall for the scam that juices and/or smoothies produce weight loss miracles, regardless of calorie consumption.

What You Can Do Instead

Incorporate smoothies into your life in a healthy and moderate way that is sustainable. Ultimately, to achieve long term weight loss goals the habits you can keep are the ones that will help you avoid unnecessary weight gain. Remember, you need a well-rounded diet in order to ensure a long and healthy life, so don’t sacrifice that in the name of a miracle smoothie diet.

3. Don’t Expect That Smoothies Will Save You Money

The Problem

Smoothies with good ingredients will not save you money! Basically, you are grinding up a bunch of fruit into a beverage mixed with some other ingredients. If you are using fresh, organic fruit this process will now usually save you money. Also, getting smoothies from a smoothie bar is by no means any cheaper.

How You Can Actually Save Money With Smoothies

If you have fruit that is past its prime but not rotting yet, you can use it to make a fantastic smoothie. When a piece of fruit loses its ideal texture to chew, it still can taste delicious when you blend it up. So prevent waste of food and money by using up that fruit that is about to turn into a delicious treat.

4. Don’t Necessarily Rely on Them As A Quick And Easy Meal When You Are Out And About

The Problem

Smoothies that you buy when you’re out can vary tremendously when it comes to different locations. Some are just made of empty calories and filled with an excessive amount of added sugar and way too many calories for something that is supposed to be healthy.

What You Can Do Instead

A good way to solve this is to exclusively make smoothies at home or know your smoothie source. Knowing your smoothies source means you want to find ones that use whole organic fruits, yogurts and added ingredients to make a smoothie. Avoid any places that use juices rather than fruits in smoothies.


Just like anything, a little bit of moderation with smoothies will go a long way. I often prefer juicing to smoothies lately, but the same rules apply. Remember to be mindful of your smoothie intake, and they can still be a healthy addition to your regular diet.

Adam Ferguson
Adam is a writer that is passionate about health and fitness. He regularly posts articles on topics like nutrition, fitness, and natural remedies. You can read more of Adam's articles at http://www.thinkhealthiness.com/